student discount cards
Save on food, shopping and technology with these student discount cards. Source: Miguel Medina/AFP

If you’re planning on studying in Canada, you’re probably aware that tuition fees and the cost of living can cost international students a pretty penny. However, student discount cards can help students save money on a variety of things.

International students are required to prove to the government that they have enough funds to sustain their lives in the country. It’s easy for costs to add up — from insurance to food and transportation, among miscellaneous expenses that might crop up.

Rather than stressing yourself out with the thought up piling expenses or how much time you can squeeze in by working alongside your studies, there’s a more convenient way that could contribute to your savings.

Let’s explore some of the best student discount cards international students can get if they’re planning on studying in Canada this year:

International Student Identity Card

The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is at the top of our list of student discount cards because of the convenience it offers. The card is not only usable in Canada, but also worldwide. There are over 40,000 discount options on shopping, travel, and entertainment in Canada and the world. 

Students can save on hotels to courses, and there is an abundance of deals and promotions available to international students in Canada. The cost for an ISIC virtual membership is CA$20 a year plus tax, and it’s an additional CA$5 if you want a plastic card. 

Student Price Card

The Student Price Card (SPC) costs just CA$10 for a year-long membership. It also offers a 10 to 20% discount on more than 450 partner stores in Canada. As physical cards are no longer made, members just need to download the free app on their mobile phones to use it. 

Fashion, tech, beauty and travel are among the many categories SPC offers members. They also host fun giveaways and contests on their TikTok account


Another option on our list of student discount cards in Canada is UNiDAYS, which offers students access to the world’s biggest brands and enjoy discounts on food, technology to online subscription services for textbooks. To qualify, applicants must be over 16 and have an email belonging to their institution or a credit card-style student ID. 


SheerID is another platform that offers a motley of student deals. This includes discounts on computer accessories, newspaper subscriptions, nutrition products to software for students. Learn more about them here.

Your own student ID card

Did you know that you can approach stores, restaurants, and other services individually to ask if they offer student discounts? Just show them your student card as proof that you’re a student. You might just score an excellent discount to visit museums, tourist attractions and eateries.