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Multitasking is for experienced cooks only. Source: Kirill Kudryavtsev/AFP

If you’re a student at home or in a dorm under quarantine, chances are you’ve been spending a lot more time in the kitchen.

Many are discovering hidden talents in cooking or baking. They now flood our social media with close-ups of their sourdough loaves, IG Live tutorials on how to make gyozas and tweets one-upping the rest of the world with their five-tier, Nutella-smothered, raspberry-topped banana breads.

Then there’s the rest of us…

A list of kitchen fails from around the world

Graduating from box brownies to sourdough bread is going to take more than two weeks, maybe even until the time they finally discover a COVID-19 vaccine. For this student, there’s no qualifying for Masterchef or even Masterchef Kids overnight.

But as we swallow our kitchen fails, or whatever that could be salvaged from them, we can take refuge from the fact that social media offers thousands of tweets and TikToks worth of solidarity. As we eat our burned chocolate chip cookies laced with too much baking soda or pita breads with no pita bread pockets, we can do so as we watch thousands of other students share the painful, funny, even downright puzzling ways they’ve messed up in the kitchen on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

These baking and cooking kitchen fails prove that even in our lowest moments, we are not alone. Our food tastes bad, but we have the companionship of other fallen comrades and potential Burger King vouchers to eat our kitchen sorrows away.

The simple stuff can be the hardest to nail. Just ask this pancake enthusiast:


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“Everyone is baking bread, it can’t be that hard,” said the unsuspecting student at home.

When you confidently add way too much of a key ingredient…


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…and instead of a sweet treat, you get Type-2 diabetes in the form of a pastry monstrosity.


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“If you had one shot, one opportunity, to seize everything you ever wanted in one moment… Would you capture it, or let it slip?”


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You know it’s bad when your friends ask “Soo… what was it supposed to be?”


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#cookingfail “can I see what it was supposed to look like?” ‍♀️ @chrissyteigen

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Watch out for kitchen tools ⁠— some can turn on you in a split second.


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When you mess up a snack that mum used to whip up in 10 minutes…

Sometimes, love is the secret ingredient.

Then you realise it doesn’t taste as bad as it looks. You live to conquer the kitchen another day.

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