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The eighth-grader sellotaped the 800 cards to students' lockers for them to discover in the morning. Source:

Unless you were rather lucky in love throughout school, chances are you have had your fair share of lonely Valentine’s Days. When it seems as if everyone around you has someone who loves them, it can be hard to keep a brave face.

With this in mind, eighth-grade student at Franklin Middle School Cora Johansen made every single student in her middle school a handmade Valentine’s card.

Worried that students would feel lonely and sad on February 14, Johansen spent hours hand drawing over 800 personalized cards before sticking them to students’ lockers along with a lollypop.

Students were overwhelmed by her kindness.

“Somebody really cares, cause they did this […] and they decided to put candy with it, cause honestly, I think candy makes everything better,” sixth grader Gabrielle Degraft-Moffat told KCRG.

“Wow, this is a really good surprise cause when I came in I wasn’t expecting much,” she said.

Johansen spent her Tuesday evening after school sellotaping the cards to each individual’s locker to make sure come morning everyone felt included.

“It says: I hope you’re having a great sixth-grade year, Happy Valentine’s,” sixth grader Angel Hernandez said.

Johansen drew a personalized picture on each of the cards and signed them off anonymously from a ‘secret admirer’.

“A lot of people don’t have friends or they don’t really have somebody they feel likes them or loves them so I just wanted everybody to feel like they’re loved,” Johansen said.

The kindhearted student was sadly unable to witness all the joy her cards brought firsthand as she was in band practice.

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