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Strathallan School

Strathallan aims to provide boys and girls from 9 to 18 years of age with such a range of academic work, games and activities that there is opportunity for everyone to excel at something. Situated on a 153 acre campus in rural Perthsire, approximately 7 miles from Perth, this location perfectly combines the benefits of easy access with a fabulous natural environment and space for excellent school facilities.

The stated aim of Strathallan’s founder, Henry Riley, in 1913 was that the school should offer such a variety of academics and activities that there is the chance for everyone to shine in something, and thus grow in experience and confidence to develop their talents to their own advantage, as well as to the service of others. In this modern, competitive environment, it is vital that a private education provides a variety of opportunities, and thereby ensures that pupils are equipped to deal with the challenges that life will inevitably present them.

Central to an education at Strathallan is the academic programme, and a curriculum that embraces both Scottish and English systems. This provides a choice of subjects and courses suitable for a range of abilities and interests. They have forged firm networks with universities throughout the UK, and aim not only to achieve appropriate examination success, but also to develop the skills required for the future, a spirit of intellectual enquiry and interest in learning for its own sake.

What is unique about Strathallan is that it offers not just depth, but also a wide range of provision. Students at Strathallan generally perform very well in whatever their chosen pursuit, with many even going on to achieve reputable national honours. One of the major advantages of boarding school is the opportunity for pupils to work with others in their leisure time, and benefit from a range of societies and clubs. Strathallan School fully encourages participation in every aspect of school life, allowing its pupils to build strong inter-personal relationships whilst moulding them into wholesome, versatile individuals.