Stamford American International School: Giving the next generation a new extraordinary place to learn and grow
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Stamford American International School: Giving the next generation a new extraordinary place to learn and grow

Stamford American International School: Giving the next generation a new extraordinary place to learn and grow

As one of the leading international schools in Singapore, Stamford American International School has quickly established itself as a quality school for children aged 18 months to 18 years, which offers both the International Baccalaureate (IB) and American curriculums. Stamford American teaches the value of education, the importance of multiculturalism, and the significance of companionship.

With more than 70 nationalities represented at their flagship state-of-the-art campus, Stamford American acknowledges every student as a unique individual, all-the-while equipping them with the knowledge and experience needed to face the tests of adult life ahead.

In an exciting development for Stamford American, they are launching a new extraordinary purpose-built campus “The Village” conceived for their youngest and most impressionable generation of learners. The Village is their second campus and stands as the only facility of its kind in the entire Singapore region, and to this scale, likely the world. This impressive, cutting-edge institute heralds a new approach to Early Learning catering specifically for children aged 18 months to 6 years where their learning needs are the first and only thought, offering truly innovative spaces.

Everywhere you look the world is constantly evolving, and the global sphere of education is adapting with it. Today, the way children learn is considered as important as what they learn, and that’s the inspiration behind the School’s approach towards its youngest learners. Reggio Emilia inspired and architecturally designed with input from environmental psychologists, everything about this bright, spacious and welcoming environment has been created to help children succeed in an ever-changing world.  Set to open in August 2017, the pioneer classes will enjoy the benefits of an adaptive environment which changes as they grow and thrive.


A blank canvas has given the school the chance to design the ideal facility for young children. Each classroom is bathed in light and equipped with its own adjacent discovery area, complete with age-appropriate features like nursery sandpits, living plant walls and maker spaces. There are three development archetypes that guide the school’s resources and stimulation activities: Toddlers; Explorers; and Creators, which is why their built environment adapts as the children grow. The design includes many clever touches to make children feel at home, like their own child-sized doors, step-up work benches, and child-height icon signage.


Image courtesy of Stamford American International School

Classrooms are clustered in small groups of four, a unique feature that allows young children to foster a sense of community as they bond in each early years’ classroom, learning social play, as well as sharing and caring skills. Lunches are served ‘family-style’, where ‘table talk’ is actively encouraged to promote communication and camaraderie. At the heart of each cluster is the ‘Pod’, complete with an inquiry center, mini-library, a teaching kitchen, and science lab. Each early learner will be part of an ‘animal’ family as they adjust to their exciting new school life.

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Image courtesy of Stamford American International School

Beyond the classroom, the campus is equipped with stunning state-of-the-art facilities, allowing children to develop into confident and capable individuals. ‘The Hive’ is a generous, air-conditioned indoor hall for games, dancing, gymnastics, parades and performances. The 22-meter swimming pool consists of in water-resting benches to help young swimmers gain confidence in the water, plus unique horizontal lanes and water depths to match varying abilities. There are many places and spaces for outdoor play with six themed ‘zones’, like ‘The Village Green’, ‘Ship Yard’ and ‘Discovery Cove’ which include bike tracks, mounds and tunnels, water play and adventure climbing obstacle courses.

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Image courtesy of Stamford American International School

As part of the curriculum, Stamford American offers a plethora of specialist programs including language instruction in Spanish and Mandarin, plus the world-renowned Suzuki Violin Program, drama, art, and the acclaimed physical education ‘Smart Steps’/Perceptual Motor Program, from age 18-months.

Stamford American provides a distinct pathway for students of all ages from Pre-Nursery to Kindergarten to Elementary to Secondary – an ever-expanding world does, after all, require an ever-expanding curriculum. At Stamford American, they encourage the natural inclination of youngsters to adopt new ideas, and also design, engineer and innovate from a very young age, achieving this via the rigorous International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IBPYP) which commences at age three. Integrated into the curriculum are new units of inquiry in science, technology, engineering, arts, math and innovation. The school’s specialist teaching team monitors individual progress, aligned to the USA Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework.

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Image courtesy of Stamford American International School

And perhaps most importantly, Stamford American recognizes that children do better when there’s a strong partnership between educators and parents, which is why The Village offers facilities where parents are welcome to relax and observe the school in action. Parents are also able to design the school week around their family’s needs. As life gets busier, a flexible schedule offers 3-, 4- and 5-day options, as well as the choice of either half day or full day. For the busiest families, there is also the option of signing up for the healthy Breakfast Club and afternoon co-curricular activities, all offered with the convenience of being under one roof.

Discover the benefits a purpose-built environment can bring to your child’s vital preschool years. Contact Stamford American International School for a visit here or phone +65 6653 7907 to speak to their friendly Admissions team for more information on applicable grades and availability.

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