Situated in Baltimore, St Timothy’s is a boarding school for girls run under the guidance of the Episcopal Church. The school promotes building young women to achieve their full potential and aspires to nothing less than educating the next generation of leaders – politicians, scientists, and groundbreaking artists.

If any of this sounds a little ambitious, St Timothy’s is certainly the place that can make it happen thanks to a student teacher ratio of six to one. Although only a small school in terms of numbers of students, around 30 percent come from overseas. St Timothy’s offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, a preparatory course of study that lasts two years and is recognized by leading universities around the world.

St Timothy’s motto is “Truth Without Fear,” and the young ladies enrolled here are taught at an early age to trust in their own abilities and seize every opportunity. This is especially true for those on the IB track, where driven students can accrue university credit before they even graduate from preparatory school.

Campus life

A full roster of other sports is available on campus. St Timothy’s teams compete against other schools in golf, volleyball, tennis, softball, horseback riding and dance, among other sports.

During the weekend, the school makes a host of activities available to students. The dormitories regularly host pizza parties, movie nights and other Friday and Saturday night activities. Bigger events are also on the agenda, including outings to local New York City, Washington D.C. and local theme parks and shopping malls.

Every event and activity scheduled by St Timothy’s encourages leadership and responsibility. Students are encouraged to get involved in a variety of activities, but they’re also held to a high level of accountability when it comes to homework and projects. Balancing academics, activities and a social life is a serious challenge, and those that master it graduate with all the skills needed to excel at university.


St Timothy’s campus is steeped in tradition. The bell outside the dining hall rings after every sports victory; a particular “moongate” is only open to seniors; and girls trade roommates halfway through the semester.

Basketball has been a regular feature of campus life for over a century. The first basketball team launched in 1896, and the annual “Brownie versus Spider” game began. This tradition continues today, and participants still wear classic 19th-Century tunics and follow the century-old rulebook.

Today, when a new enrollee first arrives on campus, she’s designated as either a “Brownie” or a “Spider.” Each camp has its own uniform, songs and flags that are pulled out for special events. It’s a fun campus rivalry, and even the teachers get involved. Of course, the ever-impartial Head of School manages to represent both sides at once whenever possible.

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