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St. Margaret’s School: Where girls thrive

Nestled on the scenic banks of the Rappahannock River in Virginia is a hidden gem. St. Margaret’s School is an all-girls boarding school for grades eight to postgraduate. It is a place where generations of young women have flourished. More than a school, St. Margaret’s is home to a sisterhood that empowers and inspires.

For over 100 years, the school has advanced that empowerment comes from real achievements under its “Gospel of Do.” Here, girls are challenged to explore their creativity, knowledge, and physical strength. St. Margaret’s is an Episcopal school that believes in a faith-centered education. A typical day at St. Margaret’s begins with breathtaking views of the sunrise, followed by classes and co-curricular pursuits on the river, stage, field and beyond. 

St. Margaret’s is known for its unique approach to education, combining a STEM and the arts college-prep curriculum with the beauty and potential of the river. The unique STREAM programme harnesses the school’s natural surroundings to create a holistic learning experience. “St. Margaret’s girls can expect to be challenged and to have plenty of fun as they learn 21st-century skills in one of America’s oldest waterways,” says STREAM director Richard Moncure.

On the river, lessons in physics and fluid dynamics come to life. Along the way, girls grasp what it means to be a steward of the earth and appreciate how water quality and animal populations change in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

St. Margaret's School

St. Margaret’s School prepares young women for a successful professional and personal life. Source: St. Margaret’s School

Days are filled with wonderment and inquiry — drawing young women away from their phones and to the world outside. This is an effective means of addressing a mental health crisis among young girls in the US. “It is our Godly duty to instil girls with the drive to explore their creativity, knowledge, and physical strength in the safety and security of our campus,” shares the head of school, Colley Bell. 

St. Margaret’s offers 13 different varsity and club sports including field hockey, soccer, volleyball, softball, basketball, equestrian, swimming, and more. There’s even a Scottie Stream club which films and offers live commentary of games on YouTube. Every girl, every season, is a student-athlete at St. Margaret’s.

Girls explore the arts through the choir, annual musical performance, a vibrant visual arts program, glass etching, photography, and graphic design. 

St. Margaret's School

At St. Margaret’s School, young girls form friendships that last a lifetime. Source: St. Margaret’s School

Emotional support can be found among peers and the school’s faculty. One of the most significant advantages of an all-girls boarding school is the opportunity to form strong bonds and friendships with fellow boarders. Living together and sharing everyday experiences not only helps you develop leadership skills but also trains girls to support and collaborate with people from all walks of life.

The dorms are also places where success is forged. Forbes notes that “boarding school students succeed significantly more than private day and public school students, especially in college and adult life.” That’s true in this  24/7 student-centered community, where St. Margaret’s boarders come to know each other. Every day is another opportunity to appreciate differences, become more independent, and grow together gracefully. Among a dedicated faculty, her friends, and sisters, a St. Margaret’s girl evolves as she could have never imagined in adolescence. 

As your second home during your formative years,  St. Margaret’s School — and its student body that comes from all around the world and represents different faiths — will be a place to remember long after you’ve graduated. Come experience this unique school on the river where girls thrive.

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