special educational needs
SEN refers to learning difficulties or disabilities that make it harder for children to learn. Source: Nicole Honeywill/Unsplash

SEN stands for Special Educational Needs. An SEN learner is someone who is unable to benefit from the school education made generally available for children of the same age without additional support or adaptation to classroom content.

It covers a range of needs, from physical and mental disabilities to cognition and educational impairments. Some of the most common learning disabilities we can see are visual and hearing impairments but SEN includes many other conditions we may not be able to see.

Do you think you know enough about this specific group of learners? Take the quiz below to find out:

1. How many undergraduates in US universities are deaf?

Unsplash/Scott Webb
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2. Deaf pupils in England struggle “at every stage of their education”. True or false?

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3. What's the name of the global agreement which states that all SEN students have the right to be formally educated individually and/or together?

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4. Which OECD country has the biggest proportion of SEN learners out of of the total compulsory school-aged pupil population?

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5. In OECD countries, SEN learners are usually placed in special schools or segregated special classes for the largest part of the school day. True or false?

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6. What is the estimated number of American kids who have dyslexia?

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7. Which US state has the highest percentage of students in special education?

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8. How many schools for the blind are there in China?

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9. How many Chinese universities admit blind students?

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10. Dyscalculia is one of the most common learning disabilities among students. What does it mean?

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How much do you know about Special Educational Needs?
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