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SKEMA Business School: Advance your career in just one year

Imagine specialising in your dream field and propelling yourself up the career ladder in just one year. No prolonged commitments, no lengthy detours — this is a reality for those who choose one of SKEMA Business School‘s many postgraduate degrees. For example, Darshil Mandalia from India pursued the MSc Global Supply Chain Management and Procurement degree, hoping to pivot into the world of consultancy.

“I have been a sailor for almost 12 years and with this master’s, I’ve learned a lot of in-depth knowledge of supply chain management and procurement,” he says. “I believe my expertise can be used in consultancy firms. Plus, SKEMA has a good name in the market, which is useful to leverage for job-hunting.”

He’s not wrong. Established in 2009, as a merger between two historic schools — Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Lille (ESC Lille) and CERAM Business School, Sophia Antipolis — SKEMA is recognised globally for its research and knack for challenging the status quo. Its programmes aim to revolutionise conventional business school training, adapting to address evolving economic, societal, and environmental challenges.

How is this achieved? Through a commitment to excellence, a blend of traditional and innovative teaching methods and a dedication to providing students with multicultural experiences.

All aspirations are welcome. To ensure everyone can acquire specialised knowledge that is sought-after by employers, SKEMA offers 20 MSc degrees — all of which are taught entirely in English, mostly over a one-year period. Only candidates with a three-year university degree must take the two-year route.

Currently, the lineup includes majors in: Auditing, Management Accounting and Information; Corporate Financial Management; Sustainable Finance and Fintech; International Human Resources and Performance; International Marketing and Business Development; Digital Marketing and Artificial Intelligence; and Entrepreneurship and Innovation, amongst a suite of other future-focused pathways.

Pierre Quemeneur chose the MSc Artificial Intelligence for Business Transformation as his golden ticket into a role that bridges the gap between technology and business, which is precisely what he has today as a Project Manager for VINCI Energies in New York.

“It was great to get an overview of how information technology or artificial intelligence projects work, and to understand the business side of things, like being able to present to executives and see projects through till the end,” he says.

SKEMA’s latest addition is the MSc Strategic Management and Consulting, which focuses on enhancing presentation, communication, and social skills. These are essential for working in strategy departments of large consulting firms and organisations across the globe. Thanks to the university’s extensive network of corporate partners, McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting Group, and Bain & Company deliver several modules in this curriculum. The course even offers a four-day study trip which transports students to various consulting firms.

SKEMA takes experiential learning up a notch through its partnerships with institutions around the world. For example, the MSc Artificial Intelligence for Business Transformation is a joint degree with ESIEA. The MSc Global Luxury and Management’s first semester takes place in the NYU School of Professional Studies. A significant portion of the MSc Product Management and UX Design and the MSc Entrepreneurship and Design for Sustainability is taught by the POLIMI Graduate School of Management and

The MSc Global Supply Chain Management and Procurement is delivered in cooperation with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Centre for Transportation Logistics.

“We don’t just follow classes from SKEMA, we also follow online classes with MIT,” explains fellow student Ghita from Morocco. “At the end of this year, we will have five certificates — if we obtain all five it will be as if we completed a semester at MIT. At the end of the year, we will also have the opportunity to complete a second semester in Cambridge.”

Supportive and accessible

No matter which programme students choose, SKEMA will ensure their employability is not left to chance. From promoting internship and apprenticeship opportunities to hosting recruitment fairs, sector-specific events and orientation days, SKEMA Talent & Careers is invested in their success.

That’s not all. Perhaps the best part about SKEMA is that it believes education should not be a financial burden. Hence, the school, and various external sources, provide financial support to deserving students looking to specialise, learn globally and forge connections with the best in the business. If that sounds like you, click here.

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