Six interesting apprenticeships that are available in the UK
Apprenticeships are subject to a variation of shapes and sizes. Source: Unsplash

Before beginning your venture into university, have you considered trying out an apprenticeship?

Alternatively known as a mixture of work and study, they enable aspiring students to gain valuable insights into the working world.

By offering apprentices a paid role and professional guidance, they have the chance to excel in desired disciplines and to figure out whether or not they wish to continue with that particular field of study at university.

To help you research into the current opportunities out there, here are six awesome apprenticeships to try out in the UK!

1. BBC – Digital Journalism Apprenticeship 

If you’re a social media enthusiast and you’re always looking for the next story to go viral, then the BBC is searching for someone like you!

Based in either their London or Salford news centres, this apprenticeship scheme requires you to be curious, resilient and creative – plus, you must have a passion for writing.

2. Greggs – Retail Apprenticeship Programme

With numerous apprenticeship levels, Greggs grants ambitious learners access to the world of retail.

Ultimately known as one of Britain’s best bakeries, the company encourages passionate and hardworking individuals to apply. As they outline, “We pay our apprentices significantly more than the apprentice minimum wage with rates ranging from £6.36 to £8.22.”

3. Nationwide – Industry Apprenticeships

If you’re seeking for paid-on-the-job learning, then Nationwide provides competitive rates.

With four types of apprenticeships, each typically takes between one and five years to complete depending on the level. Plus, you’ll get to choose an area of interest for your Nationwide experience, from retail and HR to contact centres and finance and marketing. There’s something for everyone here.

4. Network Rail – Apprenticeship Scheme

Remember that some apprenticeships are longer than others. For example, Network Rail offers an in-depth insight into the world of tech and engineering.

As the distinguished company explains, “You’ll have three amazing years on our apprenticeship scheme. Your first 21 weeks will be spent living and learning at Westwood, our training centre in the Midlands. The rest of your scheme will be spent working from a depot close to home.”

5. Sky – Apprenticeship Programmes

Aim high with Sky! Through a dynamic array of opportunities, you’ll gain exclusivity to some interesting and innovative roles.

However, you cannot apply to their apprenticeships if you’re studying the same subject as the apprenticeship or if you already have an apprenticeship in the same subject.

6. Marks & Spencer – Level 4 Retail Management Apprenticeship

Quintessentially British, food and clothing store Marks & Spencer offers an exciting Level 4 learning scheme into the realm of retail management.

As apprentice Scott states, “What attracted me was the space I was given to develop myself on the scheme. If you have the self-confidence, you’ll be able to make the most of the opportunities M&S has to offer.”

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