You can do as little or as much as you want and can undertake pretty much any kind of volunteering. Source: Shutterstock.com

In most university towns and cities, students make up a significant part of the local population. No doubt you love your uni city as much as a proud local who was born and bred there. Ready to take your love affair with the city to the next step? Volunteering can be a great way to do so.

University of Portsmouth student Amie Blackburn spends time once a week volunteering at local mental health organisation S.A.D (Stress, Anxiety and Depression).

“I was looking for volunteering in mental health as I wanted to give back to the community and support people in the city,” she told The News Portsmouth.

She provides support to members of the public as well as helping run weekly workshops.

Be brave, volunteer. Source: GIPHY

“I think the people at the charity are quite impressed that students want to make a difference and give back to the community and it gives me a way of getting involved in the wider community outside the usual student life,” she said.

It could help you with your future

No matter where you volunteer or what your work there entails, you will be picking up skills bound to help you on your degree course and in the workplace.


Software Engineering student Chris Jones told The News Portsmouth he volunteers at a local primary school to put his knowledge of technology to the test.

“It has been so rewarding and all the kids have learnt so much and picked it up really quickly,” he said.

Jones explained the pupils are showing their teachers what they learned and it is now being incorporated into their everyday lessons.

“And for me, I have learnt more about my own communication,” Jones said.

Master’s student Ria Archer dedicates much of her spare time working with the “StudentWatch” initiative by Hampshire Constabulary. Despite the fact her course is in translation studies, Archer claimed her volunteer work made her realise she has a different career plan.

“‘I have loved working on this scheme and I now want to work in the police force in this city,” she told The News Portsmouth.

Alison Earle who works with the student job and volunteering centre at the university, Purple Door, said: “The students give a lot to it and also get a lot out of it for themselves. I think it is a really great thing for them to do in the city.”

So follow suit and do something good for your second home, the community, and even for yourself.

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