Sembang@WWF: A storytelling platform for students
This youth programme is providing students with an opportunity to speak about various environmental issues and protect their natural environment. Source: Shutterstock

A good story will captivate an audience, glue a reader’s gaze to the page and spark a real-world impact.

By sharing stories and insights, we open up a safe dimension for discussions to flow free and ideas to grow.

For issues relating to climate change, storytelling can act as an anchor that implements action against the destruction of our neglected rainforests, wild oceans and surrounding communities.

Understanding the importance of sharing, the national conservation trust, WWF-Malaysia, has set up a storytelling platform named Sembang@WWF.

A core part of the ESD Youth Programme, the Sembang sessions give students a chance to speak about various environmental issues and discuss what they mean to them.

With the aim to engage and transport the student minds to personal stories on poverty, haze, wildlife poaching, shark finning and many more topics, Sembang@WWF spreads awareness and allows young people to share their concerns.

Last year, the platform spoke about the plight of the Malayan Tiger. Hundreds of young adults travelled from across Malaysia to witness fellow friends take the stage to speak passionately about this majestic animal.

This year, the theme will be ‘What’s with plastics?’, taking place on April 27th 2019 (Saturday)​​ in conjunction with Earth Day. ​

For Johleen Koh, Manager of the FEE EcoCampus Programme, Sembang@WWF is “an incredible opportunity for students to speak about the pressing environmental issues of today and a platform that nurtures future leaders and inspires learners to take action.”

As she explains, “The objective of the 2019 programme is to enhance awareness of plastic related issues in Malaysia, to influence sustainable production and consumption and to encourage discussion between youth leaders, plastic industries and public leaders.”

To get involved, teachers must organise a school- or campus-level Sembang@WWF 2019 and invite students to participate as speakers. Shortlisted speakers will then be selected to participate in the national level Sembang@WWF event in conjunction with Earth Day.

Please note that they advise speakers to craft their story in relation to climate change issues and how the decisions we make affect our natural environment.

Click here for extra details and check out the 2018 Sembang@WWF video below to see what all the excitement is about!

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