An internationally acclaimed boarding school, Sedbergh School was established in the 16thcentury in Cumbria, England. A storied history, excellent facilities and an impressive list of accomplished alumni make this a top choice for international parents seeking a world-class education for their primary- and secondary-aged students.

Currently, Sedbergh Junior School cares for and educates 100 pupils aged 4 to 13. The Senior School has a total of 450 students and 80 fully qualified teachers, coaches and pastoral care providers. Exceptional full boarding is a particular strength of Sedbergh School and is offered to pupils aged eight and above.

In addition to outstanding academic opportunities, the student experience also encompasses horizon-expanding enrichment programmes, access to a variety of student societies and the chance to participate in one of England’s leading sport programmes. Sedbergh athletes have gone to internationals in a nine different sport categories in recent years.

Parents of international students appreciate the diversity of the Sedbergh student body. This plays out beautifully in an environment that encourages humility, compassion and eagerness to acknowledge the success of others. Above all, Sedberghians are urged to capitalise on new situations and grow into responsible, confident adults prepared for challenges and lifelong success.

The teaching and learning ethos at Sedbergh School rests on three pillars: challenge, innovation and inclusivity. These pillars frame the in-class coursework, but they also extend to outside educational opportunities. Students have access to a well-equipped learning environment and the chance to participate in field trips, workshops and conferences.

The school library is a campus icon, rebuilt in 1716 over the site of the original school. It includes a collection of 17,000 books, scholarly journals, overseas newspapers and filtered Wi-Fi access. A full-time librarian is on site to assist students in developing independent library skills that they can apply to research and academic inquest throughout their lives.

Academic societies enrich the learning environment and provide pupils the opportunity to explore personal interests, sharpen their academic skills and connect with fellow pupils outside of the classroom. Offerings are extensive and include everything from debating dinners to annual astronomy field trips.

Oxbridge preparation
Oxbridge preparation is an integral part of secondary education at Sedbergh School. Preparation begins Year 9, at which point students enjoy access to academic mentors who help set them on the path to prestigious higher education. Mentoring covers discussion, written work, presentations and other important aspects of the higher-education selection process.

Each student has the chance to participate in special enrichment programmes that prepare them to rise above the competition when the time comes to apply to universities. The following programmes are currently on offer:

Phoenix Society 
This membership-based society is open by invitation to students between Years 9 and 11. The group meets fortnightly and emphasises the importance of intellectual curiosity.

Independent research project
The most promising Year 9 students are invited to forego prep work one night a week in order to work on an independent research project. Pupils are encouraged to pursue in-depth study of an area of their curriculum that interests them and initiate contact with off-campus experts in the course of their research.

Cambridge University Study Week
Year 10 students enjoy a special opportunity to spend a week at Cambridge University and use the university library and facilities in pursuit of an A Levels standard question of interest. Upon returning to Sedbergh School, the pupils report their findings to their teachers and peers.

Day visit to Oxford or Cambridge universities
Sedbergh School enjoys close ties with Fitzwilliam College at Cambridge and Queen’s College at Oxford. Day trips to both campuses are organised through these channels.

Extended project
A yearlong independent project begins in the Lower Sixth year and prepares pupils for the type of independent study that will be expected of them at university.

Student life
Boarding is a strong suit of Sedbergh School. The administration understands that everyone – and especially young people – perform their best when they are cared for, relaxed and confident. At the senior level, there are six houses for boys and two for girls. The atmosphere is comfortable and warm, and each house creates a cross-year, tight-knit environment in which students can live, interact and study.

Each house has its own library (in addition to the central school library), computer suite, dining room and common area. Furthermore, as a unique feature of Sedbergh, the school has its own medical centre and designated GP and nurses, and access to specialist sports physio and rehabilitation.

Every pupil House also sports its own emblem, colours, motto and flag. These are proudly displayed during inter-house competitions, which encompass everything from sailing to chess. Pupils are encouraged to contribute according to their interests and abilities, expanding their horizons and cultivating a sense of belonging in the process.

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