Science and Engineering:  A bright future at the University of Limerick
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Science and Engineering:  A bright future at the University of Limerick

The University of Limerick is a world-renowned institution set across a 340-acre campus along both sides of the River Shannon, the country’s longest and most famous waterway. Adjacent to two international airports, the campus — winner of the Best Student Campus 2023 Award at the National Education Awards for the third time in five years — is where students become industry-ready graduates as they enjoy the perks of being in the #1 university in the world for student experience.

Within the university, the Faculty of Science and Engineering is a hub of innovation and excellence. The Faculty offers 37 undergraduate academic programmes and over 25 taught postgraduate programmes, in such areas as Computing, Design, Engineering, Mathematics and Science. Each programmes transforms students into career-ready graduates. The University is known as the “Home of Firsts” due to its outstanding track record in academics and student accomplishments.  The University is #1 for graduate employment with 97% of graduates of our Faculty of Science and Engineering programmes securing employment or progressing to further studies.

Our graduates are known to possess not only specialised knowledge but also the practical skills and expertise required to thrive in a rapidly evolving landscape of innovation. Much of this is due to the support each student, local and international, receives from day one. Guidance and advice, including for visa matters, are always available. International students on student visas, are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week. Graduates who have successfully completed a level 9 or 10 postgraduate programme of study here can apply for a two-year post-study work permit in Ireland.

MEng in Cyber Security

The MEng in Cyber Security equips students with the knowledge and practical skills to become leaders and researchers in system security management. Formerly known as the MEng in Information and Network Security, it is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of securing Information and Communications Technology (ICT) systems. With security at a critical point, the vast majority of companies, governments and economies are in need of cybersecurity experts to maintain secure systems and guard information.

In this one-year, full-time programme, students train to protect the digital world from cyber threats. Theory is paired with hands-on experience, preparing students for real-world challenges in their future careers in developing and managing security policies for organisations’ IT systems. Upon completion, graduates are set to take their pick of the many career paths open to them.

“UL is known for its beautiful campus, the diversity and inclusion here at UL is like none other,” says MEng in Cyber Security graduate Arun Kumar Ramachandra. Arun Kumar Ramachandra credits UL’s approach for giving him new skills and a deeper understanding of what information security is about. He says, “the highly qualified professors who were always willing to assist made learning simple. The structure of the MEng course is extensive, it covers everything from basic to advanced concept. it has also exposed me to information about computer systems, how attackers use various system elements to carry out various types of exploits, and how to defend against them.”

After graduating, Arun worked with Jaguar Land Rover as a cyber security engineer for two years before landing a job at Mastercard as a senior information security engineer. He says “the course’s diversity offered me the chance to work in a variety of security-related industries,”.

Deepak Venkatasuresh found a second home at the University of Limerick. Source: University of Limerick Faculty of Science and Engineering

Thanks to the forensic module, graduate Deepak Venkatasuresh landed a job as a digital forensic analyst at Deloitte. “I got through my interview because of all the knowledge I gained from that module. The university has the best cryptography module in Ireland,” he says.

Leaving home to study abroad can be hard, and many feel lonely or homesick. Thankfully for Venkatasuresh, the university organised many functions to ensure all students felt welcomed. “I had an amazing time at the University of Limerick. It has a very friendly and inclusive population. All the Indian festivals were celebrated there, which helped me not to miss home.”

MSc in Data Science and Statistical Learning

Intrigued by the power of data in a changing world? The MSc in Data Science and Statistical Learning, launched in 2021, is ideal for those seeking to advance their knowledge and skills to specialise in the rapidly expanding field with an emphasis on statistical perspectives.  Students develop essential skills in statistical modelling, data visualisation and interpretation. Along the way, they explore cutting-edge topics like network analysis and predictive algorithms. And by developing a research project, students can specialise in more applied elements of data science.

The MSc is offered by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. It is home to Ireland’s foremost industrial and applied mathematical sciences group: the Mathematics Applications Consortium for Science and Industry (MACSI) and winner of an Athena Swan Silver Award in recognition of its work on gender equality.

MSc in Data Science and Statistical Learning graduate Stephen McKermitt. Source: University of Limerick Faculty of Science and Engineering

Being part of a prolific department like this can take graduates far. Stephen McKermitt started his job as a technical support engineer in the Netherlands about a month after he finished his thesis. “The MSc really helped refine my problem-solving skills and helped me gain a much greater knowledge of programming and data analysis tools,” he says.

McKermitt carries with him the many great memories of “studying alongside some really great people from all around the world” on an award-winning campus. “I really enjoyed getting to know my coursemates. All of the lecturers that I interacted with were very down-to-earth and would always be willing to lend a helping hand,” he says. “I also really appreciated how well-kept and modern the campus was. I quite liked the designated master’s student area of the library — it was an excellent environment to get some work done.”

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