scholarship to Japan
The award was developed to help the Philippines produce more scientists. Source: Philip Fong / AFP

Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation is officially accepting applications for its 2023 Postgraduate Scholarship Grant — an initiative reserved for deserving Filipino students keen on pursuing a science-related degree in Japan. The award was developed to aid the Philippines in producing more scientists. 

“The Ajinomoto Scholarship Foundation, which is now called Ajinomoto Scholarship Society, was established in 1957 because of our founders’ firm belief that society cannot prosper without the development of science,” explains Hironori Aoki, APC’s Group Director for Marketing, Sales and Public Relations.

“The purpose is to lend academic resources to university students and graduate students who major in the field of science and technology, to foster scientists who can contribute to society in the future, and to contribute to the development of academic research without the burden of financial obligations.”

Scholarship to Japan: What it covers

Qualifying applicants will have their study abroad trip funded in its entirety — including airfare and a monthly allowance. The grant can be applied to specified graduate schools at the University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, Nagoya University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Ochanomizu University, Waseda University and Kagawa Nutrition University.

scholarship to Japan

To qualify for Ajinomoto’s postgraduate scholarship to Japan, all applicants must have already completed and excelled in a bachelor’s degree. Source: Philip Fong / AFP

The scholarship to Japan comes with a 150,000 yen (≈US$1296.25 at the time of writing) monthly allowance for a maximum of one year for research students enrolled at a graduate school.

Master’s students, on the other hand, will receive a monthly allowance of 180,000 yen (US$1,555.51 at the time of writing) for a maximum of two years. Both groups will be entitled to full coverage of Japanese language training before leaving their home country. 

All applicants must be Filipino citizens under the age of 35; have already completed and excelled in a bachelor’s degree; and received a recommendation letter from a university president or academic advisor.

To prove the effectiveness of the programme, Ajinomoto held its first assembly for past recipients to virtually gather and share insights on how the scholarship has fast-tracked their success. Many practising professionals in the fields of science and technology tuned in from the US, Japan, China and of course, the Philippines. 

Aizelle Yen Argete was one of them. Upon graduating, she went on land a position at the University of the Philippines Los Baños Institute of Plant Breeding as a researcher. 

“Earning a prestigious scholarship like the Ajinomoto scholarship helped me fulfil my personal goals and I’m very thankful for the high-quality education that I received,” says the 2016 recipient. “My studies in Japan improved my knowledge and helped me further hone my skills — especially in research for my current work and hopefully our country in the future.”

The deadline to apply for the Ajinomoto Postgraduate Scholarship Grant is March 1, 2022.