SAS: A culture of excellence, extraordinary care and possibilities
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SAS: A culture of excellence, extraordinary care and possibilities

The way a child is brought up during childhood provides the blueprint for the way they behave into adulthood. It’s crucial that during their school years, your child receives the optimum amount of attention and dedicated learning time possible. This is essential to them becoming the best they can be.

Schools such as Singapore American School – a non-profit, independent, co-educational day school located in the Woodlands area of Singapore – provides this crucial time and attention to each and every student through its unique and strategic focus.

Helping students become the very best they can be in every aspect is at the heart of the SAS strategic focus. Whether they’re a great all-rounder or have more specific skills in sports, the arts, or academia, SAS helps your child find their own skills and grow within in a constructive, supportive environment.

The core purpose of Singapore American School is to be “a world leader in education, cultivating exceptional thinkers prepared for the future”. In reaching this vision, SAS has pursued a multi-year research and development process that involved visiting over 100 schools worldwide.

Source: Singapore American School

This exercise resulted in three strategic anchors; “a culture of excellence, a culture of extraordinary care, and a culture of possibilities”. They serve as the school’s lens, providing the direction and drive for each decision and action taken.

In the past, education has existed to make children fit the mould, learning information solely to achieve good exam results and college acceptances. But at SAS, students are offered possibilities like never before through personalized learning, brand-new course offerings and customized learning pathways, helping them to not only excel, but also break the mould. Students at SAS find their true selves rather than letting a system define who they can become and how far they can go.

The school’s strategic focus lists communication, collaboration, content knowledge, creativity, character, critical thinking and cultural competence as the core components to the culture they create. This makes for a warm and inclusive school environment where every voice is heard. Here, your child can grow as a respected individual.

Source: Singapore American School

The school ensures that students gain skills key to making a difference in the world, rather than simply acing grades. In fact, SAS has a rich history of volunteerism, currently placing a great emphasis on sustainability and environmental stewardship. Students are encouraged to get involved with local environmental projects on the 36-acre campus, as well as having the opportunity to take part in community project trips to countries such as Japan and Nepal.

SAS is committed to providing exceptional learning opportunities and offers 40 advanced studies courses as part of a rigorous, challenging education. In the classroom, students regularly engage in inquiry to deepen learning, often approaching a question from various viewpoints. Together with experiential learning opportunities, including service learning and high-impact institutional practices, your child will develop as a well-rounded independent thinker, equipped for the workplace and challenges of modern adult life.

Offering a whole host of extracurricular activities, the school fosters a culture that celebrates the pursuit of passion. Students can try over ninety after school activities, with an impressive sports program focused on victory in the ‘Eagle way’ and a thriving arts scene on campus, your child is bound to find their niche.

Source: Singapore American School

Facilities here are state-of-the-art, with a full-size track, three swimming pools and pitches for football, baseball, rugby and more. Your child, girl or boy, will fulfil their sporting potential as an ‘Eagle’. And if they’re looking for more adventure, there’s an onsite high-ropes course, tree nursery and rainforest where students can learn about tropical Southeast Asian natural heritage.

The high school even has a Maker Space with the tools for your child to learn to write code, build models, explore robotics and use the 3D printer. There are also facilities to learn to make ceramics, work on the student newspaper, or broadcast the student Morning Show. With such broad and exciting opportunities, your child will be sure to find their passion.

With the new Summer Semester opportunities offered by the school, your child could take the opportunity to expand their education in a variety of ways; for example learning Chinese and preparing for college applications. The summer semester teaches design thinking principles developed by the Stanford D.School.

Source: Singapore American School

The school’s strategic focus includes every aspect of your child’s wellbeing, with socio-emotional programs to help them develop social and emotional wellness, advisory programs to ensure every student is known, advocated and cared for, as well as support provided to students through major transitions in their young adult lives.

With these excellent counselling services and community service opportunities, a truly diverse faculty and student body, plus a collaborative, creative and critical thinking focus, pupils learn how to be part of a thriving community, leaving ready to become a global citizen in adulthood.

Graduates from the Singapore American School possess the perfect skillset needed to overcome life’s challenges, excel in their ideal field and lead a happy life.

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