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Royal Russell School: Nurturing students for university success and beyond

Yasmin had one dream: to further her higher education in mathematics and economics at a top UK university — the London School of Economics. Her dream came true — all thanks to the strong learning foundation she received as a student at the Royal Russell School.

“Royal Russell’s Mathematics and Economics departments have knowledgeable, friendly and approachable teachers, who are truly passionate about their subjects. I was provided constant feedback, while the school also organised mock exams and extra support sessions,” shares the alumna from Kazakhstan.

“During my first year at university, I did mathematics, statistics and economics-related modules, which I had no problems with thanks to the solid foundation I got at school.”

A school that prepares students for university life and beyond

Set on a beautiful 110-acre campus, the Royal Russell School is a boarding school that supports pupils’ personal, social and emotional development while offering an outstanding educational and pastoral experience.

The Royal Russell School is a home-away-from-home for girls and boys, from ages three to 18 years from around the world. Students here live and learn in a close-knit community with peers who are diverse, talented, and driven to excel. Equally important is the distinctive family setting of boarding school life that ensures students feel safe, loved, and supported as they are challenged to explore new interests and discover new passions.

The school’s vision is to develop the best of pupils, staff and families within a vibrant community. “Our academic ambition, our dedicated staff and focus on each individual’s talents and strengths ensure success at each stage of the learning journey from Nursery through to the Sixth Form and university beyond,” says headmaster Chris Hutchinson.

A vibrant and forward-looking community

Attending boarding school is a transformative experience rooted in self-discovery. A typical day in Yasmin’s life is busy and fulfilling. She starts her day with a wholesome breakfast with her friends. Straight after, they head to their respective classes for their modules taught by teachers who have excellent subject knowledge and enthusiasm for teaching.

Royal Russell School

Traits like generosity, curiosity, emotional intelligence, listening, empathy, respectfulness, and kindness are evident in each Royal Russell School student. Source: Royal Russell School

“As a non-native English speaker, studying economics was challenging for me. Ms Helen Hadjam helped me improve my essay-writing skills by providing me with timely and very detailed homework feedback,” she says. “She encouraged me to speak during the classes and was willing to explain some of the more challenging topics in her own time during breaks or after School.”

As soon as the bell rings at noon for lunch, Yasmin and her friends head to the cafeteria for lunch before heading back for scheduled classes, prefect meetings, and chapel service. During her free time in the evenings, she takes part in the School’s Model United Nations (MUN) debate practices and occasionally heads out on a quick trip to Croydon — a town in the south of London — for grocery shopping. In Year 13, Yasmin was appointed as president of the Security Council at an annual International MUN Conference hosted by the School.

Nurturing independent students

The strong and supportive relationships between teachers and pupils make an excellent contribution to pupils’ learning. Its academic programmes offer students myriad opportunities and challenges in a supportive environment. Final year student, Grace, can attest to this.

“My first day at Royal Russell was daunting, I did not know anyone, and I had never been to a school like Royal Russell. But I was put at ease by the staff and students, who were very welcoming,” she says. “Mrs El-Asmar provided me with lots of support, particularly in the last two years. She is incredibly kind, funny and thoughtful, and I could not have gotten through my A level English course without her. Ms Hart has also been incredibly supportive, helping me with my wellbeing, as well as any other issues and concerns I may have.”

Royal Russell School

The School’s vision is to develop the best of pupils, staff and families within a vibrant community. Source: Royal Russell School

Unsurprisingly, an ISI inspection notes: “The School is highly successful in meeting its aim to provide an outstanding academic education and an extensive range of co-curricular activities in the context of a family School. Throughout the School, from the Early Years Foundation Stage to the sixth form, pupils’ achievement in academic subjects is excellent.”

These experiences serve as a springboard for success for many students, some of whom have gone on to study at prestigious UK universities. Alumna Aleksandra from Poland, for instance, is currently in the second year of her mathematics degree at St. John’s College of Cambridge University. While she describes her university course material as “very demanding”, the modules she took while at the Royal Russell School have served her well in coping with her university-level courses. Aleksandra also received plenty of support and guidance from the School when applying to university.

Another alum, Howard from Hong Kong, says: “My most memorable times at the Royal Russell School were the trips I went on.” Howard adds, “These greatly broadened my perspective on a lot of things outside of academics, and I had a greater appreciation for learning.”

Firuza, an alumna from Azerbaijan, notes: “I was in the Student Council which enhanced my organisational skills and taught me how to deal with problems along the way.” She also learned how to raise important issues and to work as a team to find solutions and come to mutual agreements, all of which is serving her well as a final year international relations student at the Queen Mary University of London.

Ultimately, the Royal Russell School experience will prove to be an unbeatable one for its students. “Royal Russel is a place where you can study and learn with wonderful teachers and students. If you want to have a great student life, this is your place to be,” says Keitaro, an alum from Japan now studying Electrical Engineering at Oxford University.

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