Rosseau Lake College, Canada


Rosseau Lake College is the preeminent boarding school in Canada, boasting exceptional academic and extracurricular programs and a tradition that values community and leadership. Despite being a younger institution — Rosseau Lake was founded in the late 1960s — it has developed a reputation as a high-level boarding and day school that is continuing to gain international renown.

Opened in 1967 as an all-boys academy, Rosseau Lake began enrolling female students in 1983 and has been a thriving co-ed institution for students in grades 7–12 ever since.

Admissions at Rosseau Lake are competitive, and prospective students are encouraged to apply early. They are welcome to visit the campus before applying, in order to gain a better understanding of the environment and atmosphere at the school.

When selecting new students, the admissions department considers applicants’ academic, athletic and social achievements, reflecting the school’s mission to graduate balanced, well-integrated students. Additionally, they seek to admit students who want to be an active member of the Rosseau Lake campus and have the aptitude for further achievement.

Rosseau Lake is an increasingly international campus, with students from 10 countries currently part of the population, including Hong Kong, Egypt and Russia. English is the required language during daytime study hours and the school runs an English as a Second Language (ESL) program to support students making the transition to learning full-time in English. Those who choose to enroll in the ESL courses may earn one academic credit if they complete a certain number of ESL course hours.

Classes at the college are far smaller than at public schools or even other private institutions, with only 10–15 students per class. This ensures that students are able to develop productive relationships with their teachers and peers, and that their voices are heard during class discussions.

Tutoring and mentoring sessions are also available, and pupils are encouraged to find creative ways to implement their own ideas and initiatives on campus.

As a member of the CIS eLearning Consortium, an initiative of 13 Ontario, Canada, area schools, Rosseau Lake’s students have the distinct advantage of being able to enroll in a number of independent online courses. Online learning experience will help prepare them for the next phase of their education and potentially for their careers as well. CIS courses cover everything from Mandarin language classes to earth sciences to philosophy and data management. This gives students a unique opportunity to pursue their academic passions outside the classroom.

The Guidance Department is quite active, offering services that extend beyond counseling for post-graduate decisions. They discuss with students their interests and options and which careers and universities might be a good fit, and hold events such as panels with Rosseau Lake alumni to give current students an idea of what lies ahead. The department also hosts workshops on study habits and note-taking, to maximize their academic success while at the school.

The sports and extracurriculur programs at Rosseau Lake cover a wide array of interests, and are designed to enhance students’ character and self-esteem.

Athletics include team sports such as rugby, soccer, field hockey and basketball, as well as individual pursuits that include mountain biking, broomball, pilates, snowboarding and skateboarding.

Creatively inclined students also have a wealth of choices when it comes to extracurriculars. Rosseau Lake sponsors clubs for photography, movie making, guitar, knitting and cooking/baking, among others.

The visual arts are taught at every grade level, and courses include drawing and painting, as well as 3-D media. The school holds three art showcases each year, ensuring that student artists have an opportunity to present their work and receive feedback as they grow in their talents.

The outdoor education program is meant to bolster both physical activity as well as classroom learning. Trips to surrounding areas of the Canadian countryside are often coordinated as supplements to lessons on wildlife habitat, natural history, environmental literature and ecology.

Students who choose to board at the school enjoy a comfortable living location overlooking the actual Rosseau Lake, and are encouraged to view their fellow students as family. Boarding students are taught to be respectful, engaged members of a community while also enjoying their right to privacy and personal space. Full-time live-in teachers chaperone each of the three residential houses so students will always have a helpful resource there if they should need one.

Rosseau Lake is located about two hours outside of Toronto, but students have the opportunity to visit the city through class trips or on weekends. This advantageous setting gives students the peace, transquility and safety of a rural campus while still allowing them access to a major metropolis.

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