The graduate wants to show people want Chinese international students can do. Source: Shutterstock.
Zhao Min wants to show people want Chinese international students can do. Source: Shutterstock.

It might sound like something from a movie – “Someone on the plane needs urgent medical attention!” – but it was a reality on a recent flight from San Francisco, United States, to Honolulu, Hawaii

Along with four other people, one recent nursing graduate stepped up and saved an elderly man’s life.

Zhao Min, a female international graduate from Flinders University, worked with four US medical personnel to save the life of the passenger after he suffered from angina.

Zhao worried at first her Australian nursing license would not be enough for her to help but she decided she had to try, joining two US doctors and two nursing interns.

“After examining the patient’s pulse, we found that his blood pressure and pulse were slow, and the patient was vomiting and his heart was uncomfortable,” Zhao told CGTN.

save life

Zhao Min leapt up to help when she heard the man was in distress. Source: Shutterstock.


They laid the passenger down, keeping an eye on his pulse and blood pressure, and allowed him to take aspirin. After 20 minutes, his situation improved and medical personnel relaxed, returning to their seats.

But in under an hour, the patient reached a much more critical state.

Zhao rushed back to the man and speaking with the doctors and interns, concluded he needed a saline injection.

Taking the reins, Zhao used a clothes hanger and an infusion bottle in the cabin to inject the man, stabilizing his condition until the flight landed.

After treating him for an hour and a half, the passenger’s condition totally stabilised.

Fellow passengers praised Zhao for her role in saving the man’s life. She also received thanks from the pilot.

“All the passengers in the cabin applauded for us,” Zhao said.

Proud of her home, Zhao wanted people to see what Chinese international students can do.

“As the only Chinese passenger on the flight, I would like to tell everyone ‘I am […] Chinese’ and willing to bring more warmth to those around me,” she said.

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