Reach for the stars with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Western Sydney University

While the news is packed full of articles and statistics relating to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) subjects, it’s important to note that the Arts and Humanities remain one of the world’s most popular fields of study – among both students and prospective employers.

In fact, the Daily News notes that in the age of STEM, employers still hold the arts and humanities-based education in incredibly high regard. To further emphasise this point, Dr. Steven Linder writes that recruiters prefer to hire candidates they feel will add great value to the company or the general work environment, stating that employers favour workers who can competently navigate complex business models, and are instilled with the ability to continuously learn – much like qualified graduates of the arts and humanities.

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“HR executives perceive graduates with liberal arts degrees as well-rounded candidates with characteristics that stimulate efficiency and resourcefulness,” Dr. Linder explains.

The fact that these subjects enrich and inspire people of all backgrounds, cultures and abilities is one of the most rewarding things about the pursuit of this field. But a world-class education in a liberal arts-based discipline will do much more than make you an employable graduate; an education in the arts and humanities allows you to develop valuable critical thinking skills, to build leadership qualities, and urges you to think outside of the box. And with the right academic institution, much like Western Sydney University, you can go even further than you could ever imagine…

Why study a Bachelor of Arts at Western Sydney?

Ranked in the Top 150 Universities Under 50 Years Old by Times Higher Education, Western Sydney University offers advanced degrees that prep for the complex challenges of the real-world. The Australian Financial Review Higher Education Award -winning The Academy program offers a unique, hands-on approach to learning in an interdisciplinary environment. and arts students will be nurtured to become future thinkers, social change agents, and community leaders.

In addition to their proactive approach, the School of Humanities and Communication Arts is part of one of the finest humanities research centres in the nation, the Institute for Culture and Society. The University’s high-impact research culture is committed to enhancing the region’s cultural, economic, environmental and academic development, while its reputation for research excellence lands it among the top 20 recipients for funding from the Australian Research Council.

A variety of course areas to pursue

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One of the reasons why Western Sydney’s Bachelor of Arts qualifications remain a popular choice among students is its unique combination of academic teachings and real-life practical training. Each major is designed to equip students with a broad range of skills and knowledge in research and critical inquiry allowing them to choose from a wide range of career prospects after graduation.

Besides that, humanities and arts students who graduate with a Western Sydney degree are considered highly adaptable towards the changing employment market, based on an education that incorporates real-world emphasis. In addition to cultivating employable graduates, the School of Humanities and Communication Arts is committed to providing innovative programs that participate in global movement.

Among the course areas provided are Advertising and Public Relations, Cultural and Social Analysis, Design, Double Degrees, English, History, Indigenous Australian Studies, International Studies, Interpreting and Translation, Journalism, Language and Linguistics, Media, Music, Philosophy, and Teaching and TESOL. Each course area provides a specific list of majors that students can choose from. It’s also important to know that the School of Humanities and Communication Arts offer three course programs which are undergraduate, postgraduate and higher degree research.

Career Opportunities

The beauty of pursuing an education from the School of Humanities and Communication Arts is the vast number of prospects it opens to students. An arts-based degree from Western Sydney University has the potential to open doors worldwide, as they are delivered and supported by internationally-recognised academics. For instance, students who immerse themselves in Cultural and Social Analysis can venture on into the field of journalism, activism, education and research, communication, and beyond.

If your main interest lies in English language, an arts education from Western Sydney majoring in that means you could pursue a career in publishing, editing, advertising, copy-writing, business writing…and the list goes on! But for students seeking work in an entirely different industry, an arts degree in international studies could lead you to the diverse realms of business and industry, cultural and public policy, education and research, overseas organisations, state and federal public services, or trade and tourist organisations, highlighting the sheer versatility of this type of degree.

Ultimately, the School of Humanities and Communication Arts at Western Sydney University offers more than just teaching and learning excellence. The establishment ensures students leave equipped with the real-world knowledge and experience needed to face the issues of tomorrow. And given the wide range of career opportunities provided from law and business to media and diplomacy, you won’t have to worry about employability prospects.

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