Quiz: Which top tech job would suit you best?
Thinking of a career in tech? Take this quiz to find out which top tech job would suit you best. Source: Kevin Ku/Unsplash

A lucrative career field that will propel you into the future worlds of work, tech jobs are on the rise!

With so many variations out there, it’s hard to know which one would suit you best.

That’s why salary and compensation website Comparably recently released a ranking of the best tech jobs for new graduates in the US.

Here are the four highest earning roles:

  • Data Scientist: US$88,813 average salary
  • Mobile Developer: US$92,654 average salary
  • Lead Engineer: US$103,237 average salary
  • Senior Developer: $109,957 average salary

But which would suit you best?

Are you known to have a quick turnaround on your university projects?


How versatile are you on a scale of 1 to 10?


How well do you do in student hackathons?


How well do you deal with conflict?


Would you rather...


What's your opinion of technology?


Quiz: Which top tech job would suit you best?
Senior Developer

Understanding the importance of team dynamics and respecting the other disciplines needed for delivering great software, a Senior Developer position would suit your skills! Plus, the top tech job for new graduates is Senior Developer, according to the Comparably survey.
Lead Engineer

In this role, you'd be responsible for monitoring a team of engineers, requiring great communication and managerial talent. Skills also needed would be a degree in management science or engineering; or participation in cooperative engineering programmes.
Mobile Developer

In the third top tech role, you’d be expected to work largely on new applications for mobile devices. Similar job titles include iOS developer and android developer!
Data Scientist

A top tech job in the Comparably survey, this role expects you to use statistical analysis to comb through large amounts of data for valuable insights!

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