Quiz: Which STEAM discipline suits you best?
Science, Tech, Engineering, Art or Maths- which will it be? Source: STEMshare/Unsplash

You’ve probably heard of STEM subjects, but have you heard of STEAM?

Defined as Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics, these five subjects are diverse in their fields but have evolved over time as common university course categories.

STEAM learning is known to be very future-focused. An integrative approach used by teachers and lecturers alike, it empowers learners to change the world for the better by drawing on the connections between science, art, maths, engineering, and technology.

However, when selecting a specified path to dedicate a degree to, you may struggle to know which field you’re more inclined to choose.

With this quiz, you’ll gain clarity on which subject you prefer, so full STEAM ahead and find out below!

Do you think you'd be effective at managing risks in the workplace?


Do you let your imagination take over tasks?


Do you think about the end result or the journey?


Do you like to fall back on your...


Do you like to set realistic yet challenging goals?


Do you think about your past in years or memories?


Quiz: Which STEAM discipline suits you best?

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