Quiz: Which online business course would suit you best?
Are you interested in enrolling on an online business course? Source: Shutterstock

With the rise of online business education, an increasing number of international students are choosing to transfer their data, analytical and accounting skills over to virtual syllabi.

Thanks to today’s digital dimensions, we now have the freedom to opt for a diverse assortment of disciplines and obtain an appropriate qualification.

So, if you’re struggling to find out which business course is best for you, take the quiz below and find out!

Do you enjoy working with people?


What's your opinion of digital advertisements?


Do you want to own your own business one day?


Do you think a business thrives by numbers or images?


Are you someone who likes to be in control of business projects?


Is marketing or management more important?


Quiz: Which online business course suits you best?
Digital Marketing

Want to focus on selling products and services online? A Digital marketing degree would be an ideal move to make, by dissecting the role of social media and other niche platforms, you'll soon be marketing yourself to the biggest companies out there.
Accounting and Statistics

Interested in formulating influential formulas and analysing important data on a daily basis? An online course in accounting and statistics could be the virtual qualification you're searching for.
Business Management

Manage and direct your business effectively and promptly with this online course. By teaching you the essential management strategies and setting you up on valuable virtual tasks, you'll be the master of your destiny with this course!
Project Planning

Evolve into a professional project manager with an online course that teaches you to plan initiatives properly. With strong organisational skills and a keen work ethic, you'll take your career to the next level.

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