Quiz: Which business major best suits you?
Are you a better fit for marketing or international business? Source: Shutterstock

Do you have an interest in the business world, but aren’t sure which area you should pursue as a college major?

The business field is massive, and new concentrations pop up all the time. There are many different skill sets and qualities that are needed for different kinds of business degrees, so you should identify which ones would suit you best for your future career.

Take our quiz to find out which part of business is best suited to your interests and skills, so you can narrow your choices down for your college applications.

1. Would you say you enjoy public speaking?

2. How comfortable are you with analysing data and working with numbers?

3. Do you keep up with international affairs, especially trade-related matters and politics?

4. What is it about the business world that interests you the most?

5. Do you see yourself as a leader someday, or holding a managerial position?

6. Which of the following subjects would you find most interesting in college?

Quiz: Which business major best suits you?

Based on your answers, it looks like you'll be great at Marketing! The marketing industry is currently evolving with the rapidly growing digital marketing field, but you have the right interests and skills to pursue it.
Business Admin & Management

Majoring in Business Administration and Management would be ideal for you. You're a problem-solver, people person, and have leadership qualities. Plus, your interest in business allows you to explore all different kinds of areas with this degree.

You would be suited for a degree and career in Finance. You have analytical skills, don't shy away from number-crunching, and are interested in the field of Finance. You're also a good problem-solver and are interested in networking, which are important qualities for financial professionals.
International Business

You seem perfect for a career in International Business. You have an interest and awareness of international politics and business news, and have good communication skills, which is important in a global field. You are also analytical and possess good public speaking skills.

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