Quiz: What type of laptop should I get for university?
The perfect laptop is somewhere out there waiting for you to make the right choice. Source: imgix on Unsplash

Your laptop will be your one true companion in university.

Choose wisely. Take this quiz. You’re welcome.

1. What is your budget?


2. What will your coursework mostly focus on?


3. How important is being able to bring your laptop everywhere to you?


4. Do you want your laptop to be able to do everything?


5. How long do you need your battery to last?


6. Which do you prefer?


Quiz: What type of laptop should I get for university?
Traditional laptop

Versatility, speed and storage - that's your top three needs from a personal computer. A traditional laptop will be able to give you this, and usually at a great price too! Models today offer large screens and comfortable keyboards. It will be able to perform video-editing, image-editing, science and engineering applications - some units even have a dedicated graphics processors which will be ideal for those using graphically intensive applications. The downside is it is not super portable to be lugged daily to class or the library.

Their designs are small and slim, while their weights can be fraction of a traditional laptop. It's best for a student whose top need is portability without wanting to compromise on battery life. The downside is its connectivity is usually mediocre and can be very expensive.
Convertible laptop

This type of laptop works particularly well for a student who is looking for both a tablet and an ultrabook at the same time. The touch-based apps on this type of laptop will allow you the freedom to use it like tablet, which will be great for those reading loads of journal articles. Having a keyboard means it's also possible to use it to complete your coursework.

If your coursework only requires typing and you've got the option of a laptop at home or at the library, a tablet will be the best addition to your arsenal of school supplies. It's light, slim and easy to use at almost any location. Many models now have great battery life and you can even add a wireless keyboard to expand the tablet's use. It is, however, not suitable for media work or running any specialist science and engineering applications.

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