Quiz: What should you wear to the library based on your personality?
Are you a sweatshirt and yoga pants kind of person? Or do you come ready for that night's party? Source: Shutterstock

The library is often the social study hub of the university campus. Everyone from your best course friend to your seminar crush will be there, making deciding what to wear even harder.

While some students are plagued with anxiety at the thought of not looking their best, others can barely be bothered to brush their hair before their study sesh.

If you’re wondering what your library fashion statement should be (or just want to procrastinate) take our quiz for some well thought out style advice…

How long do you spend getting ready?

What do you find yourself thinking about on the way to the library?

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How do you spend your time at the library?

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What are your plans after you've finished studying?

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QUIZ: What should you wear to the library based on your personality
Shabby Chic

You’re carefree with an air of sophistication around you. You’re not a total bum, but you’re also not going to spend hours styling your hair and makeup. Comfort is a priority for you, but you want to look good while doing it. Think summery dress and trainers or skinny jeans and ankle boots.
Street Style

You ooze fashion from every pore and your study sessions are no different. You want to be showing off the latest trends with your own unique twist even as you smash through your coursework. You're used to people admiring your outfits and you know you're the best-dressed in the lunch queue. Ready to hit the town after your study sesh, you're looking and feeling good without looking like you've gone OTT.

Yoga pants and sweatshirts are your go-to lounging outfit. You may or may not have a gym class later that day, but that doesn't even cross your mind as you dig out your comfy exercise clothes for that day's library sesh. Comfort is your main concern - and who has time to think up a cute outfit early in the morning before studying anyway? The library is a place for learning, not flirting, so who cares what you wear (plus yoga pants highlight your fave body parts, so it's a win-win)
Woke up like 'dis

You have a very relaxed attitude to life and just want to be comfy. Why bother dressing up when you're just sat down reading all day anyway? You go for the roll out of bed and get on the bus approach, sometimes not even bothering to change out of your PJs. Some people may think you're lazy, but joke's on them because you're comfy as can be.
Ready for the party

To you, the library is just a time-filler until you can go partying. You've mastered the art of 'day-to-night' dressing - even if you sometimes look over dressed for studying. As soon as the sun sets, you're out of that study prison and hitting up the bars. Think cute top and jeans or even a casual dress to see you through the day, so you're ready paint the town red at nightfall.

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