There's a society for pretty much everything (and if not, set one up!). Source: Katy Belcher/Unsplash.

Societies aren’t just a great way to make friends, learn new skills, and get the most out of being a student, they also look pretty damn good on your résumé – it’s a win-win!

So if you’re looking for a society to join, take our quiz to find one that suits you best and that’ll make you oh-so-employable come graduation!

Are you creative?

Do you like to keep active?

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Which of the following are you most passionate about?

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What course do you study?

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Do you keep up to date with current affairs?

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How do you respond to criticism?


Why are you joining a society?

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What's your best quality?


How do you like to spend your weekends?

Quiz: Which society should you join at university?

You're creative, friendly, and keen to make some fab friends for life while exploring your creative nature. Employers will see you have an eye for detail and understand what makes a good visual, plus you're comfortable speaking to all sorts of different people (how else do you think photographers get their subjects to be so relaxed?).
The Student Paper

... Or creative writing. You are driven and ready to make it in the cut-throat world of journalism. Whether this is a hobby for you to blow off some steam and voice your opinions to the student population or you want to deliver the hottest news on campus or report on current affairs in preparation for your future job at the New York Times, you're energetic, bold and creative. Employers will be impressed with your initiative, your portfolio of work which shows your oh-so-great writing skills and, if you took on an editor position, your abilities to lead a team and stick to tight deadlines (those papers don't publish themselves, ya know?).

Whether it's French, Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese, German or one of the world's many other languages, you're going to be fluent by the end of the year, you just know it... You've got the travel bug but while you follow your wanderlust to each of the four corners of the globe, you want to REALLY experience that culture, not just as a tourist. And how better to do so than to speak the language? Employers will be mighty impressed with your bilingual (or trilingual or even multilingual) abilities. Being well-versed in different cultures and having the ability to converse in several languages are great qualities to have and will give you the one-up you need in a job hunt!

Or rugby or tennis or... well, pretty much any sport. You're immensely dedicated, fit, and driven. You aren't afraid to get a little mucky but always play by the rules. Employers will recognise your dedication and see you aren't a 2-dimensional character, but have many interests other than your chosen subject at university which can inform your workplace attitude and knowledge.

You're already doubting the legitimacy of this quiz. Why should I sign up for the debating society?! You're well-informed, can form cohesive, well-reasoned arguments at a whim and enjoy discussing important matters. Employers will see you can think on your feet, have a good understanding of the world around you and are confident and able to communicate your thoughts and ideas clearly - you're on to a winner!

Yum! Whether you like cooking it, eating it, talking about it or all three, joining a food or drink society is perfect for you. Curry Appreciation Society, Nutrition, Beer Pong, whatever it is you're bound to find a bunch of great new friends who love it just as much as you do. Employers will see you have varied interests and skills (okay, we wouldn't EXACTLY call beer pong a skill but cooking sure is!) outside of your course. Plus, talking about your love of curry in a job interview might make you stand out from the other six candiates your interviewer had already seen that day who all spoke about the exact same things (just don't go overboard).

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