Quiz: How employable are you?
How impressive are you to potential employers? Source: Tim Gouw/Unsplash

A university degree is no longer the all-access entry ticket to a job. As the number of graduates churned out by universities each year increases, the number of vacancies just aren’t able to give each and every graduate the job they want, or even need, even though they may have all the technical capabilities required. On the up, however, is competition for the shrinking pool of available positions.

With this, the concept of ’employability’ grows more relevant by the day. In broad terms, this refers to personal traits that make that person able to gain and maintain employment. What exactly these traits are – i.e. what’s good, what’s bad and everything in between – depend on the student, the university, employers, industries, the country’s economy and so on.

It’s a nebulous and evolving concept. Want to find out whether you fit the current definition of ’employable’? Try our quiz and find out:

1. Do employers think your university produces competent, innovative and effective graduates?

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2. Compared to your country's average graduate employment rate, how does your university's graduate employment rate fare?


3. How often were employers actively present on campus, providing networking opportunities and information sessions, over the past 12-months?

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4. Did you take part in work placement opportunities provided by your university in partnership with local and international employers?

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5. Was your university actively involved in collaborative research with firms and organisations?

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6. How many notable alumni has your university produced in the past five years?

7. How well-trained are you in 'soft skills' or 'professional development' skills such as creative thinking, work ethic, teamwork, networking, decision making, positivity and time-keeping?


8. Does your degree show you have all the technical capabilities required for the jobs you're applying for?


How employable are you?
Super employable
Congratulations, you're going to cause a storm at the job interview! You have all the right qualifications, soft skills and the conditions of the labour market on your side to make it easy for you to take your pick of the jobs you want. Keep up the good work!
You have a fair shot at most of the jobs you are aiming for, thanks to your qualifications, skills and the work your university's career services have put into you. Polish off the edges of any identified shortcomings and you'll find employment in no time.
Kinda employable
Things are a little rough at the moment. Unfortunately, not all degrees and subjects are created equal and you may find yourself at the short end. While it may be too late to switch courses, certain things can help, like going for an advanced or supplementary degree or brushing up your soft skills.

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