Quiz: What this year's Halloween costume says about your future career
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Funny, sexy, scary – whatever your Halloween costume this year, it speaks volumes about you.

After all, wearing OTT garments (yes, garments) in places you normally wouldn’t dare, in front of your entire social circle on campus, is nothing if it’s not saying something about your personality.

We’ll go one step further and say it’s a big indicator of what your future career could be.

For a little career counseling during our favourite party season, have a little faith in our pseudo-scientific methodology and answer the following questions:

1. Does your costume involve a white lab coat?


2. How much does the colour red feature in your costume?


3. Will you be donning any fake guns or weapons?


4. Was it very difficult to get your costume together?


5. Did you have to shave off the hair on your head?


What this year's Halloween costume says about your future career

Your scientific prowess is like nothing the world has ever seen. You can spend hours devising ways to travel to parallel worlds, stepping further than any human has gone before. In short, you're a mad genius. A career dedicated to solving mankind's greatest problems (read: climate change, eradicating poverty) is where your legacy should lie.
Public Relations Mogul

Like Helen Parr a.k.a. Mrs Incredible, you have the press eating out of your hands. With your super-heroic skills at presenting all the right angles and giving the right answers, you would kill it in the public relations field. Save the superhero suit for the night and start aiming for Sarah Huckabee Sander's job.
International Spy

You are hungry for adventure and in search for everything natural, human and supernatural the world has to offer. A desk job would bore you to death. Instead, you will thrive in international espionage, obtaining secret or confidential information in the most perilous situations. Life is for living on the edge - that's the only way for you.
Reality TV Star

Taking the easy way out of choosing a costume? Love the look of an orange tan? Sounds like a US President we know... Theatrics (like your costume) is your strong point, so we recommend going into reality TV and strongly advise you to stay out of politics.

You have strong feelings about how technology is abused by the worst traits in mankind. Hone them well and serve as an Ethics Officer (read: moral compass) in companies as we head into the 4th Industrial Revolution, helping us stop Black Mirror episodes from turning into reality.

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