Quiz: Are you fluent in the English language?
Learning English is hugely beneficial - but how do you know when you're fluent? Source: Unsplash

You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again – fluency in English is the window to uncountable  life opportunities.

From job offers to international living, speaking English can open up a world of options – but it can be hard to know when you’re ready to call yourself fluent.

You might sometimes slip into thinking in English, but still get stuck on a few tricky grammar rules; or understand conversations easily but find it difficult to form quick replies.

If you’re struggling to know if you’re ready to wear the ‘fluency’ badge of honour in job applications, or you just want to know how far you have to go, take our quiz to find out…

How easy is it for you to speak in English?

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Do you have a good grasp of grammar rules?

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Do you need to translate sentences in your head before speaking?

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Can you understand conversations easily?

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Are you fluent in English
Yes - you're speaking like the natives

You've mastered the art of English and can speak as though it's second nature. You naturally slip into thinking and speaking in English, and even know certain expressions you with no alternative in your mother tongue. English speakers can converse with you easily and you may have even lived in an English-speaking country. While your language skills are already great, there's always room for improvement - so don't stop learning yet!
Almost - you just need a little more practice

You can have conversations in English and it often flows naturally, but you've not totally internalised the language yet. You sometimes find yourself using grammar rules to build your sentences rather than speaking freely. You're almost there though - just keep conversing as much as possible and try to pick up the language this way rather than learning from textbooks.
Keep trying - you'll be there soon

You've started learning English and mastered the basics, but you need more practice to get to fluency level. Try and find English speakers you can converse with to help build your vocabulary and confidence. You also need a better grasp of the grammar rules and wider vocab, so don't put down the textbook just yet. If you keep practicing regularly, you'll soon find yourself forming sentences without having to translate every word, and from here you'll get closer and closer to fluency. Just don't give up!
No - you still have a lot of work to do

You don't yet have a solid grasp of the grammar rules and you're often tripped up by vocabulary. You may be able to read and write, but listening and speaking the language are still big challenges for you. Try to practice every day so you build your knowledge and you'll find yourself speaking more fluently soon enough.

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