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Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate: A nurturing haven for academic excellence

Imagine a haven where childhood unfolds amidst rolling hills and whispering woods. That’s Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate (QE), where you’ll find a symphony of learning, laughter, and growth. From the playful giggles of toddlers to the focused hum of sixth-formers, QE is a home for young minds aged three months to 19 years — one that’s renowned for its boarding, academics, and pastoral care.

The school is a recipient of the QEGUK Quality Assurance Validation — an award bestowed on schools committed to the highest standards of performance, covering all aspects of international student provision. It is the first school in the UK to have achieved this. Every year, it consistently ranks amongst the top 10 day and boarding schools in the UK.

In 2023, QE continued its successful streak. Last year’s achievements included a meteoric rise of 36 places in the national league tables, securing 17th place for academic excellence. QE also claimed the title of national Runner-Up for A Level performance and took 61st place for GCSEs, demonstrating their mastery with 84% A*/A at A Level and 83.6% A*/A at GCSE.

Queen Ethelburga's Collegiate

Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate has placed 17th in The Sunday Times Parent Power 2023 national school league tables for academic performance, climbing 36 places from last year. Source: Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate

With these results, QE retains The Sunday Times’s Top School in the North for Academic Performance title for the third year running and its position as the top school in York for academic results. What’s more, QE Faculty, the flexible college offering both academic and vocational qualifications, has climbed 70 places nationally to become the seventh-best school in the north for academic performance. With impressive 2023 results — 64% A*-A at A Level, 76% Distinction in Year 13 BTECs, 55% Distinction in Year 11 BTECs, and 31% 7-9 at GCSE Level — QE Faculty now ranks as the third best school for academic performance in the north, second only to QE College in York.

Principal Dan Machin believes such accomplishment is possible thanks to the dedication to excellence both students and staff show.

“We are extremely proud of all of the achievements of our students in both our senior schools,” he says. “Offering the choice of provision in QE Faculty and QE College provides students with the chance to excel in whichever route suits them best, and the results speak for themselves in justifying this approach over nearly 20 years since QE Faculty was originally established.”

Head of QE Faculty Lauren Blakeley agrees. “To be placed seventh in the North of England for overall academic performance is a remarkable accomplishment and something for all students, parents and staff to be immensely proud of,” she says. “We see the talent and ability of our students every day, but it is fantastic to see their efforts reflected in this accolade. In QE Faculty, we are lucky to have the flexibility to shape each student’s curriculum around their learning styles, interests and aspirations. I believe this has led to these fantastic results because the most successful students are often the happiest ones.”

Queen Ethelburga's Collegiate

The outstanding facilities on campus and the wide range of activities allow students to enjoy success. Source: Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate

QE champions the holistic development of each student. They offer a vibrant tapestry of enriching experiences beyond the classroom through co-curricular programmes and athletic activities. Students can choose from martial arts, dance and gymnastics, table tennis, cycling, hockey, and fencing. With such a diverse palette of possibilities, every student finds their unique path to flourish.

The best part? QE students get to thrive in high-quality facilities, such as a 25-metre swimming pool, triple court sports hall, a fitness suite, a free weights centre, a four-lane synthetic cushioned running track, over 30 acres of grass and 3G artificial pitches, and several specialist studios. It’s something Helena Youmans, who plays hockey, greatly benefitted from.

“My two years at QE were two of the best years of my school career,” she says “I got to taste what it was like to train as a full-time athlete while completing my A Levels in one of the best schools in the area. My hockey skills developed dramatically over the two years, from the opportunity to have physio, nutritional guidance and sports psychology to being coached four times a week by international coaches and ex-international players.”

This excellence on the field goes hand in hand with a focus on student well-being at QE. The school offers comprehensive support, including mental health initiatives, stress management, and emotion regulation. A 24/7 dedicated pastoral team is available along with The Peer Mentor Scheme, which provides relatable support for younger students. In addition to extensive pastoral care, QE has a dedicated team of International Liaison Officers who are first-language Mandarin/Cantonese, Thai and Russian speakers providing a specialist support role for students from across the globe. Speakers of other languages are also employed by the Collegiate, and they provide support and a link with parents as required.

If you’re keen to invest in your child’s future, learn more about what QE offers here. You can attend an Open Morning on Saturday, March 9, or April 27. Alternatively, you can book a private tour with the friendly admissions team by emailing admissions@qe.org.

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