QUB: A Gateway to the ultimate graduate experience
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As an internationally-connected institution and one of the Top 200 Universities in the World, thousands of student lives begin at Queen’s University Belfast (QUB).

With a Graduate School that provides a gateway to career and entrepreneurial success, this is a space in which your postgraduate development will progress and prosper.

Programmes with purpose

When you enter the portal of postgraduate programmes at QUB, you’ll gain access to a vast choice of globally-relevant disciplines.

The Graduate School encourages students to evolve into innovators, changemakers and active global citizens, so every degree is content-rich and connected to real-world purpose.

To complement the extensive array of academic options, Queen’s Belfast Graduate School supplies learners with regular training and events workshops. So, while you’re busy studying your selected course, you can expand your skillset and delve into other topics.

Popular events include Peer Proofreading, Dissertation Support Sessions and an ongoing Mindful Meditation meet ups.

This Belfast-based Graduate School understands that every student is at different stages of their professional and personal journey, so courses are tailored to suit individual needs.

You can opt for taught or research postgraduate programmes in your specialised area of study. By establishing your study preferences early on, you’ll have a better idea of how the Graduate School can help you achieve top results.

Connecting to the community

For a Graduate School to positively shape the world, it must connect its learners to a network of world-class intellectuals and mentors from all sectors.

There’s no limit to QUB’s industry connections. By linking you to leaders from illustrious business, politics, creative, cultural, charity and media fields, you’ll soon discover potential job roles connected to your field.

One way in which the Graduate School contributes to your career advancement is through its dedicated team of Postgraduate Community Assistants.

As a core member of this team and Dean of the Graduate School, Professor Margaret Topping reiterates this aim. As she explains, “My goal is to make the Graduate School a dynamic intellectual hub which creates a community based on challenge between disciplines.”

By ensuring that students receive exclusive access to global challenge events and knowledge transfer partnerships, the Graduate School lets everyone to use their entrepreneurial mindset from the very start of their study experience.

Entrepreneurship and innovation

Now, more than ever, we have access to incredible digital resources and tech-savvy tools. Because of this, both entrepreneurship and innovation have developed into hot topics in the globalised world.

To ensure that postgraduate learners utilise their inner inventive and leadership skills, the Graduate School promotes IMPACT; a social innovation challenge.

As participants are taught to use their creativity and research skills and placed into multi-disciplinary teams, they have the chance to create solutions to real-world issues.

By having a direct positive impact on a community close to Queen’s, you’ll demonstrate confidence in using a design thinking method and elucidate your social awareness to potential employers.

The School also hosts an interactive series on the last Thursday of every month, called Thought Leaders: Inspire. Since collaboration sparks innovation, the event brings together learners with a shared interest for changing the global landscape – a great opportunity to bounce around ideas!

Preparing for Queen’s University Belfast

To get yourself ready for your time at QUB, the Graduate School hosts a week-long range of activities every September to help you navigate your personal skills development and create long-lasting connections.

If you’re excited to live in the beautiful city of Belfast, you’ll be pleased to know it has been voted ‘Best in Travel’ by Lonely Planet (2018), earned for its cutting-edge cuisine, dramatic views and Game of Thrones-esque backdrops.

For your postgraduate accommodation needs, there are contemporary apartments just a short walk from the main campus, self-catering studio rooms for privacy and high-level security to safeguard your well-being.

As a student arriving from overseas, visa and immigration information will also be high on your agenda. Queen’s has got it sorted, offering an International Student Support office and International Buddy Scheme to help you settle into the inclusive campus culture.

The University’s International Scholarships and industry prizes from Big Four firms also help learners financially and professionally prepare for the working world.

The Ultimate Graduate Experience

For the ultimate international study experience, Queen’s Belfast Graduate School has a multitude of training and development platforms to offer.

The University’s MyFuture platform allows you to enter a world of postgraduate-led initiatives, career services for PGR students and one-to-one consultancy and advice meetings.

Through the five Development Pillars of leadership, communication, innovation, critical thinking and future-ready resilience, this school holds the strategies needed to take your confidence and skillset higher. That’s how they’ve produced so many self-aware visionaries, established academic writers and insight-driven graduates over the years. Next, it could be you.

Plus, with the desire to further your education and the passion for your selected study area, Queen’s Belfast Graduate School is ready and to fuse the two together and to establish an unforgettable academic adventure.

So, what are you waiting for? Life begins at Queen’s Belfast.

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