Pursue ground-breaking studies at Australia’s Number 1 Earth Science School

“Our standing in the world is built on our expert application of the enabling sciences – mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology – to address the big questions and challenges facing the Earth Sciences.” – Professor Stephen Eggins, Director of the Research School of Earth Sciences (RSES), Australian National University

The Earth Science disciplines delve into the environmental processes of our astounding planet. Complex and intricate, these subjects tackle some of the most pressing issues currently facing our world; from the safe supply of water to natural resources and energy, and from climate change and rising sea levels to devastating natural hazards.

Home to the leading Earth and Marine Science School in Australia (ranked 13th in the world), the Australian National University (ANU) is up there with the best global destinations for studying geoscience. Providing cutting-edge research by some of the most respected figures of the field, ANU’s Research School of Earth Sciences (RSES) presents an unparalleled backdrop for pursuing high-end research as a student-researcher. The RSES vision is enabled through both its people and facilities, both of which contribute to the delivery of elite, research-informed undergraduate and graduate teaching across the Earth Science field.

This institution endeavours to remain among the world’s most impactful schools of its kind. As a school renowned for its revolutionary discoveries, for solving some of the world’s most pressing problems, and for training tomorrow’s most influential geoscience experts, the RSES’s position at the top of the global game is unlikely to falter.

“We take a broad, integrative view to answer questions ranging from the Earth’s formation from the mixture of dust and gas orbiting around the sun, through all the processes determining Earth’s evolutionary history, to predicting the future state of our oceans and climate,” Professor Stephen Eggins, Director of RSES, explains.

“We are innovators: seeking to develop new experimental, analytical or computational methods, underpinned by in-house engineering and electronics workshops and our highly specialised technical staff.”

Study at Australia’s pre-eminent Earth Science School in sunny Canberra

Students – local and international – love the perks of living and learning in Canberra. Powered by the unique learning culture and campus found at the RSES and ANU, studies here are fun, engaging and dynamic. And as a place that frequently lands among QS’s global Top 20 Best Student Cities, on top of being ranked one of Australia’s Safest Cities, and landing third place in Lonely Planet’s Best Cities to Visit for 2018, your ANU study experience is sure to be the envy of your friends.

Master of Earth Sciences (Advanced) program

The school recently launched the Master of Earth Sciences (Advanced) degree, providing courses that cross a diverse range of related disciplines. A program that is strongly research-focused and enriched with hands-on training, this qualification represents a key to rewarding careers in industry, governance and academia. You will generate and interpret geoscientific data, also orchestrating an extensive research project where you will receive guidance from a world-class scholar. Tailor your project to support your aspirations as you choose from a breadth and depth of related disciplines – including geology, experimental petrology, geodynamics, seismology and geophysics, planetary science, data science, biogeochemistry, ocean dynamics and climate change.

Students reap the benefits of flexible study options, relishing the chance to vary the size of their project as they choose to prioritise either the research or coursework component of their degree. Regardless of which path you choose, you will be encouraged and supported by the school’s dedicated staff from beginning to end. If that’s not enough to get you filling out your application, it’s worth noting that prizes and scholarships are open to high-achieving students, eliminating unnecessary stresses attached to financial concern.

“For my research project, I’m part of a team looking at climate change that took place 40 to 50 million years ago, when the Earth transitioned from ‘greenhouse’ to ‘icehouse’,” says Karina Tuveng, former student of the RSES’s Advanced Master program.

“We are analysing the geochemical processes that took place in the ocean at the time by looking at small microorganisms called Foraminifera, collected from 40-million-year-old sediments on the ocean floor,” she adds.

“Before my Masters, I was working as a geologist for a coal mining company. It couldn’t be further from what I’m doing now! I love what I’m studying. It’s really interesting, and it’s also really important work.

Revel at the wealth of Earth Science career opportunities

If you dream of a fascinating career that focuses on the natural world, the RSES at ANU is the perfect place to start to forge your long-term professional legacy. With ANU students earning the title of the nation’s most employable graduates, alumni from the RSES are sought-after worldwide.

The Master of Earth Sciences (Advanced) presents an opportunity to advance through near enough any global industry, setting you on the path to a rewarding career in the diverse geoscience sector. What reason have you got NOT to apply to Australia’s Number 1 Earth Science School?

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