Where can you get a postgraduate degree in climate change
Climate change is in the spotlight - here’s how you can become a professional in the field. Source: Shutterstock

The effects of our hyperconsumption patterns and a global economy obsessed with chasing endless growth are already rearing its ugly head through the catastrophic warnings we are getting about climate change.

For instance, single-use plastic may be convenient, but many are not biodegradable and end up in our oceans. Flying is now more affordable, but emits high volumes of greenhouse gases. Microbeads from skincare products are making its way into our oceans and entering the food chain. Animals – both on-ground as well as in the ocean – are dying from consuming plastic trash. Fast fashion contributes to carbon emission and is a large consumer of the world’s water resources.

The climate crisis is far from a trivial matter, calling for urgent action to reverse its adverse effects. This makes it an opportune time for those passionate about the environment to learn more about what climate change entails, and how they can become professionals in the field to contribute to making positive changes in the world.  

Here are some institutions that offer postgraduate degrees or programmes in climate change:

Yukon College

Located in Canada, Yukon College offers a Certificate in Climate Change Policy, which exposes students to climate change science and its links to policy and policy makers. Its combination of theory and practice will prepare students for careers in the field of climate change; emphasis will be given to the importance of understanding the scientific basis behind climate change and how these changes will impact natural and socio-economic systems. Yukon College is transitioning to Yukon University, with the latter officially launching on May 8, 2020.

University of Gibraltar

This university offers a MSc Marine Science and Climate Change programme, an interdisciplinary course that blends theoretical study with practical, field-based work. Students will cover specialist subject areas and gain the skills required to tackle the complex issues associated with the sustainable development of marine ecosystems. Its location in Gibraltar stand to make it a unique location for marine biological research and provides a natural laboratory for this programme.

Erasmus University Rotterdam

This university offers the MSc in Urban Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change (UESC), which addresses theoretical and practical approaches to urban environmental, sustainability and climate change management issues. The programme looks at how cities can adapt to climate change impact  and how to minimise environmental effects on humans and urban infrastructure.

Northern Arizona University

Nestled in Arizona – a state famous for the Grand Canyon – NAU offers a MSc in Climate Science and Solutions, which takes an interdisciplinary approach in addressing global climate change issues. 

Students will learn the science of climate change, and the policy, economics and technology of climate change mitigation, in addition to electives oriented toward their interests in biological, engineering, policy or economic approaches to climate solutions. Students can also undergo internships with a private firm, NGO or government agency working in climate change mitigation and adaptation.

University of Copenhagen 

Located in Denmark, this university offers the MSc in Climate Change, a two-year interdisciplinary programme combining natural and social science approaches to the study of climate change. Graduates will be equipped to take up job functions associated with local, national and international efforts to deal with climate change.

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