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Pingree School: Where students find and fuel their passions

Students learn and lead at Pingree School. Emphasis on student choice and voice create an environment where they cultivate the skills to lead, self-advocate, discover new passions and fuel existing ones.

Nestled in South Hamilton, a suburb outside of Boston, Pingree is a diverse community of more than 300 students, united by their shared love of learning. Young people come from near and far to engage in exciting, dynamic, and thought-provoking courses that prepare them for success in college and life.

Guided by the school’s mission to pursue knowledge with courage and imagination, thrive in joy and challenge, and create a more just and equitable world, Pingree students are challenged to practice intellectual risk-taking, embrace uncertainty, and welcome alternate perspectives. These character-based approaches to learning spark passionate roundtable-style debate and ignite innovative discoveries. It also fosters camaraderie and inspires students to stretch themselves in new ways.

Matilda Winter Musical 2022

Matilda Winter Musical 2022 Source: Pingree School

“At Pingree, one person’s success does not impede on anyone else’s,” said recent graduate Dario Petrillo. “Students see their peers as teammates rather than competitors. The entire student body, faculty and staff, and administration want to see each other succeed.”

As partners in their academic growth, students choose from more than 150 full-credit courses and 50 half-credit courses each year. With an ever-evolving roster of elective courses like Environmental Justice, Designing for Virtual and Augmented Realities, and Neuroscience, students have the freedom to explore a wide variety of classes in addition to their core subjects every year.

“Education in China focuses on standardised testing, and I hoped that studying in another country would help me to grow into a more well-rounded student,” said current student Caroline Li. “When I came to Pingree, there were so many programmes and opportunities to explore. It helped me to realise that I could choose my classes based on my passions and values.”

Once the academic day is complete, students participate in an athletics or afternoon programme of their choice. These offerings — which include sports, performing arts, technical theatre production, robotics, and more — function as an extension of the classroom, helping students to develop interpersonal skills, build self-confidence, and recognise the value of teamwork and shared purpose.

Source: Pingree School

Boys V Lacrosse Senior Day Source: Pingree School

Pingree students are encouraged to set ambitious goals and try new things, and the school provides a nurturing environment to support their intellectual risk-taking. Close relationships with faculty and staff ensure that students always have advocates close by. With a robust advising programme, a 6:1 student-to-faculty ratio, small class sizes, and a highly engaged faculty, every child is seen and known. Because Pingree teachers often also serve as coaches or programme advisors, connections usually transcend the classroom.

“The best thing about being a student at Pingree is that you are endlessly supported,” said recent graduate Olivia Robertson. “You’ll find people in all corners, whether students or faculty, who are more than willing to help with any problem you have, academic or personal. They’ll be your cheerleaders and push you to be the person you never knew you could be.”

This support yields incredible results. Pingree students are accomplished student-athletes, award-winning performers, budding activists, savvy entrepreneurs, and so much more. They are trusted leaders whose perspectives enhance the Pingree experience. Students are invited to serve alongside adults on committees that define school culture and uphold community values. Whether running for student government, being elected captain of an athletics team, becoming a peer tutor, or serving on the school’s hiring team, students’ talents, perspectives, and promise take centre stage at Pingree.

Beyond the classroom, opportunities are boundless. The school’s international Learning Across Borders (L.A.B.) programme, for example, allows students and teachers to travel to countries like Spain, Denmark, England, and Taiwan for immersive intercultural and educational experiences.

Yet despite their full days, Pingree students still make it home in time for dinner, enjoying well-balanced academic and social lives.

“Students thrive at Pingree. They are challenged and pushed, but every morning they come to school excited to be here,” said Director of Admission Eric Stacey.

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