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Fresh out of high school, students are making the informed decision to pursue higher education, but it may come as a surprise to some that an increasing number of high school graduates are choosing to do so via the route of Community College. According to Community College Review, these institutions are seeing an increase in enrolment across the country, while four-year universities are seeing a drop in student applications.

This may come as a surprise to some, but the results do prove that the Community College is just as capable of producing employable graduates as well-known universities. In fact, a report by the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center says 46 percent of all students who completed a four-year degree in academic year 2013-14 went on to enroll in a two-year institution at some point the following year.

According to Jason DeWitt, a Research Manager at the Center, there are more ways to get a degree than through the traditional route. “The idea that there’s only one path through college is antiquated,” he says. “We need to really understand the role that Community Colleges play to better define success in Community Colleges.”

Students are also beginning to see the flexibility and freedom that Community Colleges provide. Some of you may not yet know what your career goals are – and that’s okay! Attending Community College gives you the opportunity to explore different subjects or choose from a wide range of courses to discover where your true passion lies; and you get to do so without the hefty cost of university tuition. Speaking of cost, with the apparent annual rise of university fees, students prefer to study first at Community College first before transferring to a bigger-name university, as it’s considered financially cheaper, according to American Honors.

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And when it comes to Community College education, no one does it better than Orange Coast College. As one of the most popular community colleges in Southern California with over 25,000 students enrolled, the institution is excellent at providing students with a well-rounded education, a fantastic college experience, and a memorable student life. The Community College plans to keep improving, ensuring all students receive an experience they’ll remember for life.

“We remain focused on facilitating student success by streamlining operations, modernizing campus facilities and technology, boosting our visibility abroad to introduce students to critical global issues, and serving the community with innovative events like the annual High School Math Meet, Community Science Night, and Coast Green Day, to name a few,” says Dennis Harkins, President of Orange Coast College.

Intrigued at the prospects of studying at Orange Coast College? Read on to discover what makes the community college one of the best in Southern California:

Exceptional university transfer rates

The College has consistently produced outstanding students who have gone on to transfer to some of the most selective and prestigious universities in the U.S., like UCLA, UC Berkeley, Columbia, Cornell, UPENN, MIT, USC, and Carnegie Mellon. More than 100 universities have signed up to be a part of the transfer credit agreement with Orange Coast College, providing students with plenty of choices to further their education. And you don’t even have to worry that your qualifications might not meet the university requirements, as the college offers 130 comprehensive academic programs that leads to associate’s degrees and certificates.

The institution is consistently ranked number one in Southern California, and among the top three colleges in overall transfers to University of California and California State university combined. For a list of international student transfers in the last four years, click here. But for students who are planning only to study at Orange Coast, you’ll be pleased to know that the college’s education is among the best in the state, producing highly employable graduates who are also very well paid.

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Top-notch facilities

Orange Coast may be a Community College but its facilities rival those of larger universities. Its Computing Center offers access to campus computers, printing services, wireless networking, and other digital resources. The college also provides wireless networking access throughout most of the campus. For those looking to relieve the stress and pressure of classes and assignments, you can do so at one of the College’s many athletic facilities, with a new state-of-the-art, 49,000 square feet fitness complex, and a separate field for football, baseball, and soccer, where students can let off some steam.

Stunning location

There aren’t many tertiary institutions situated in such a unique place as Orange Coast College in Costa Mesta. Located near the coastline of Orange County, the place is considered one of the safest and most desirable communities in Southern California, lying approximately 70km south of Los Angeles (Hollywood, anyone?) and 130km north of San Diego. With a holiday vibe and a laid-back atmosphere, students who choose to attend Orange County are in for a real treat. The College is also near many of the State’s most beautiful beaches, where students spend most of their weekends, relaxed by the sounds of the ocean.

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The Orange Coast College is truly one of a kind – where else will you be able to find an institution that not only provides comprehensive academic programs, but also offers 100 transfer agreements with prestigious universities, and lies in such a prime location? So go on, what are you waiting for? Submit that application!

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