Falling in love with Spain through an online business degree

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Aynaz Ghaem Maghamian is an international student who has lived in Iran, Dubai and soon-to-be Spain. Source: Aynaz Ghaem Maghamian

Before she joined an online business school, Aynaz Ghaem Maghamian has been working since she turned 18. She has taken up roles in sales at a tourism company, operations at a courier company, and sales coordinator at a shipping company. Today, she’s part of Fly Dubai’s cabin crew and will soon be joining Emirates Airlines. 

Business management seemed the natural choice when choosing a course to study. “Business management is the perfect route for any sort of business career,” she explains.

“I wanted to get my bachelor’s so I could understand business in general, and later for my master’s I can decide on which field is more suitable for me and I can focus on that. That’s the reason I started working from an early age, trying to gain as much experience as much as I can.”

GBSB Global stood out to Maghamian with its strong reputation. Campuses in Spain and Malta were an added bonus. 

“Spain is my favourite country and this is what enticed me to study at GBSB Global,” she shares. “Although I am studying online at the moment, one day I aim to be living there permanently.”

Despite studying in an online business school, Maghamian feels as if she’s in Spain even though she’s nestled in the comforts of her home. 

“Spain is known for its food, Flamenco music and dance, siesta, bullfights, horses, arts and literature, architecture, a Moorish heritage, its islands, Mediterranean beaches, wines, fruits and vegetables, and football,” she says.

“Spanish is the world’s second-most spoken native language. To be very honest I believe no place can be like Spain with this many advantages.”

In fact, Maghamian is so taken by Spanish culture that she hopes to migrate there in the upcoming year. “I have decided to buy a house between 2023 and 2024 in Barcelona,” she shares. “I truly believe that it’s the best investment decision I could ever make.”


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No stranger to an international environment

Despite this being her first degree, Maghamian is very used to the life of an international student. “I have been living in Dubai for as far back as I can remember,” she recalls.

“I graduated from American International School in Dubai.  I have made connections all over the world, and have friends in all corners of the globe.”

Maghamian migrated to Dubai at a young age — at least 15 years ago. Because of this, she found it relatively easy to adapt. 

“Living in such a multicultural city like Dubai helped me to be very friendly with different people from different parts of the globe,” she explains.

“Sometimes I miss the snow during winters in my home country of Iran because here it is summer all the time. But other than that, I’m living a very happy life in Dubai — and hopefully one day in Spain.”

Aynaz Ghaem Maghamian is hoping to use her skills and knowledge gained at her online business school to carve out a life for herself in Spain. Source: Aynaz Ghaem Maghamian

Studying at an online business school

Today, Maghamian is a happy online business school student. “I love how everything is so well organised,” she shares.

“They are a very flexible business school, accommodating students depending on their schedules with the timings and classes. Moreover, the education system is their priority. They have a brilliant reputation in Europe and have a strong emphasis on business and entrepreneurship, perfect for my career aspirations.”

Despite being a distance learner at an online business school, Maghamian says she feels right at home — and it has everything to do with the institution’s culture.

“Students are at the heart of what they do and I feel very supported at my online business school,” she says. “Even though I am studying online at the moment, I still feel very much included in the community.”

As for the future, Maghamian has many plans in store. “Barcelona is my dream destination so I’m working hard to collect my funds in order to purchase a house there so I can then start my career there,” she shares.

“Over the past few years, I have travelled across Europe and explored many places, so when it is finally time for me to migrate, I will be fully aware of the environment and the society that I will be integrating with.

“Finally, I will continue to take advantage of all the educational opportunities my business school offers me, so I can continue to improve my skills and have a successful career.”