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Notre Dame de Namur University: The university for working professionals who want to advance their careers

As a working adult, making the decision to pursue a postgraduate degree can be an extremely rewarding one. That’s exactly what Joe, a long-established professional in international business, chose to do. He’d been working for years across three different continents before realizing that he wanted to widen his career prospects in psychology. Returning to university and earning a master’s degree seemed the perfect path.

It was then that he heard of Notre Dame de Namur University (NDNU). Located on the San Francisco Peninsula in Silicon Valley, NDNU is a private, accredited co-educational master’s university. NDNU offers a diverse and inclusive learning community that challenges each member to consciously apply values and ethics in his or her personal, professional, and public life.

Founded upon the values of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur in 1851 and rooted in the Catholic tradition, NDNU serves its students and the community by providing graduate degree programs in Business, Education and Clinical Psychology in which community engagement and the values of social justice and global peace are integral to the learning experience

It was the ideal environment for Joe, and he chose the MS in Clinical Psychology. It’s run by the School of Psychology, an institute dedicated to training well-rounded mental health professionals. Real-world experience is at the core of this, with clinical training and community engagement regularly integrated into the overall learning experience.

Graduates end up pursuing careers in various fields, from medical and community mental health to administrative, social service, educational and research settings. Joe gained the skills he needed to go into private practice. “NDNU gave me the tools and the support to launch a fabulous new career,” he says. “A master’s degree opened many, many doors and opportunities.”

Learning at the School of Education is just as rewarding. Here, programs are designed for teachers, specialists, administrators, and community leaders in education. These include: the MA in Education, the MA in School Administration, the MA in Special Education and the MA TESOL.

Similar to the School of Psychology, much of this has to do with how experiential learning is interspersed into learning. “NDNU prepared me in so many ways,” says Sara-Maria who pursued an MA in School Administration. “The best thing that they did was give us real-life scenarios. Just being able to experience helping children before you even get to the classroom is a life-changing experience.” She is now a school principal.

Notre Dame de Namur University

Source: Notre Dame de Namur University

Students are taught by a faculty with diverse and practical academic experience, ensuring learning remains relevant according to current trends in the classroom and outside of it. “Having professors who can speak the truth about the industry and have it from their own experience really enriched what I learned and made it usable right away,” says Jennifer, an MA Clinical Psychology graduate. She’s now a behavioral health line director.

Every credential gained at the School of Education is credited by the California Commission on Teaching Credentialing (CTC) — signalling to every prospective employer that NDNU graduates have gained an education of the highest standard.

Of course, programs are mainly intended for working adults — many of whom have additional responsibilities, obligations, and jobs to maintain. NDNU ensures every incoming student has no limitations in this regard — creating the perfect work-life balance. “What drew me to NDNU’s MBA was the program’s flexibility,” says Andrea C. “I could take classes at my own pace.”

NDNU’s MBA is a 12-course program that focuses on teaching essential skills around innovative thinking, organizational leadership and team building, critical decision-making and more. These are all integral to succeed in today’s global business world. The best part? Students can earn their accredited MBA degree in as little as 18 months.

Notre Dame de Namur University

A master’s at Notre Dame de Namur University has proven to help boost the careers of professionals all around the US. Source: Notre Dame de Namur University

A master’s at Notre Dame de Namur University has proven to help boost the careers of professionals all around the US. Source: Notre Dame de Namur University

The MBA is run by the School of Business and Management, which also offers an MPA, MSTM, MBA in STEM and various certificate programs. Here, students are shaped into influential, values-centered leaders who can take on today’s real-world challenges with grit and integrity. They pursue roles in business, government and non-profit sectors, informed by a curriculum based on theory and practice.

It’s a curriculum that has produced results. “I have been promoted twice within the last eight months just due to applying what I’ve learned from my master’s into everyday context at my company,” shares Nina, an MBA graduate.

Above all, it creates graduates who are driven and passionate about their careers — motivating them to do more and achieve greater things. “NDNU gave me purpose,” says Charmaine, a graduate of the MS in Clinical Psychology. “It gave me a direction and a path to follow, and I’ll always be grateful for that.”

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