Nord Anglia International School Dubai: Unlocking your child’s potential
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Nord Anglia International School Dubai: Unlocking your child’s potential

Creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking: the four c’s of a modern, functioning democracy. It is with these guiding principles thatNord Anglia International School Dubai (NAS Dubai) moulds young minds and personalises their individual learning journey for academic excellence. The goal? Developing 21st century problem solvers who think outside the box, innovating for a better world. 

Named one of Spear’s best private schools in the Middle East in 2022, NAS Dubai ensures a warm and supportive environment for children to explore and discover uninhibited. “I think that it is the boundless reality of the creative imagination that distinguishes the human species and when we bring our creative powers together the benefits may be boundless,” says creativity champion and principal, Matthew Farthing. “Living up to this understanding is now even more important than ever before in our species history and we all know that the clock is ticking. This, more than anything else, is why schools must foster our shared potential and give young people the priceless satisfaction, meaning and pleasure they find when working collaboratively and creatively.”

Fostering imagination and a sense of inventiveness is truly at the heart of the school’s vision. Creativity can be developed, it is a discipline in its own right. As head of biology, whole school philanthropy lead, CAS advisor and secondary science teacher, Ashleigh Gray Harding sees the value in this way of teaching. “We use creativity in delivering lessons, in varying and differentiating tasks but also in feedback and critical analysis of the work produced,” she says. “Being able to provide an interesting background or real-world demonstration of a principle can bridge the gap between knowledge and understanding, and this is not only a highlight of a meaningful education experience but also an immense benefit of adaptive teaching.” 

For Harding, coming to NAS Dubai allowed her to see what realising a student’s full potential looks like. “My favourite teaching moments are when we are all in the thick of engagement together and chasing an idea towards its solution, and when students, given encouragement to use all of their creative faculties and preferences, present a unique idea or interpretation and then explain it proudly,” she adds. 

To create driven, focused, global citizens, NAS Dubai understands that one size does not fit all. Customised teaching for each student is crucial to give them a well-rounded experience. “Personalised learning is at the heart of what we do at NAS Dubai,” says Bobby Johal, head of primary computing and year five teacher. “We have an ethos of knowing the children. Our holistic approach to developing the whole child sits hand in hand with fine tuning the academic approach to curriculum as well as cultivating a true understanding of the importance of being a human first, academic second.”

At NAS Dubai, a child’s creativity flourishes under the guidance of dedicated teachers. Source: Nord Anglia International School Dubai

Each child’s goals are unique to them, so it only makes sense that there is also a selection of sixth form pathways with individualised learning plans to choose from, including the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme, IB certificate and A Levels. None of these paths are easy, but NAS Dubai ensures that students are fully supported. “We have a three-person system in school where students indicate who they could talk to in moments of low well-being or when they are very worried and I am privileged to be on many of their lists as their go-to, but it is also so pleasing that rarely do they need such extra support,” says Harding. The results are clear: in 2022 71% of GCSE students scored between A** and A, and there was a 37.5 average point score for the IB Diploma. 

NAS Dubai’s hands-on approach is part of all aspects of learning. The curriculum uses the innovative DICE (Design, Innovation, Computing, Enterprise) model which builds an entrepreneurial mindset. This combined with STEAM weeks and other activities makes an education here well rounded in all the right ways. For both primary and secondary, NAS Dubai has life-changing collaborations with world-leading institutions which influence their teaching greatly. Some of the additional highlights of these partnerships include artistic programmes and Summer Performing Arts workshops with The Juilliard School in New York City; university-inspired learning with MIT; and the Social Impact Programme and annual Global Challenge with UNICEF. 

With a strong focus on creativity and innovation, the new DICE model promises to enhance the learning experience for NAS Dubai students. Source: NAS Dubai

The range of projects that students at NAS Dubai undertake are not run of the mill. Primary year six teacher Daniel Grindrod recalls starting lessons with a “big question” or discussing “what if” scenarios to develop individual perspectives. One assignment in particular certainly stands out. “The Formula Ethara project which is run annually in year six is very popular with students and it gives them a real-world situation,” says Grindrod. “Within this project, each student takes on a role, within a team, which they have applied for; funds need to be raised, cars and merchandise need to be designed and made using state of the art technology within the school, and effective collaboration within a team is paramount to a team’s success.” 

These realistic challenges allow the students to learn in a more practical way, engaging their full attention to solve problems. Fused with the emphasis on creativity and endless support, students from NAS Dubai thrive, going onto their dream universities and changing the world. 

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