A 17-year-old Long Island student has confirmed her attendance at Harvard University after receiving acceptance letters from all eight Ivy League institutions.

Augusta Uwamanzu-Nna announced her decision yesterday after being given until May 1st to confirm her choice. The Elmont Memorial High School valedictorian hopes to pursue a science-based major, according to a Newsday report.

On top of acceptance from the most prestigious U.S. universities, Uwamanzu-Nna also gained admission to Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Johns Hopkins University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and New York University.

The student revealed her choice while surrounded by her classmates, all of whom wore T-shirts from their own chosen university. As Uwamanzu-Nna approached the graduation podium, she opened her jacket to reveal her final decision in Harvard’s crimson colours.

“My recent accomplishments reflect the hardworking ideals of the town of Elmont, my supportive parents and my dedicated teachers. I am elated but most importantly I am thankful,” said Augusta.

As the daughter of Nigerian immigrants, Uwamanzu-Nna is proud of her 101.64 Grade Point Average, claiming Harvard’s “strong Nigerian presence” is part of what made the university seem so attractive.

“Though I was born here in America, I visited Nigeria many times,” she told WABC. “And I’ve seen that my cousins don’t have the same opportunities that I have. So definitely, whatever I do, I want to make sure that is has an impact on Nigeria.”

Augusta claims her success is owed to the support of her teachers, as well as her parents for teaching her the value of education, but also to herself for her strong will and perseverance.

“I’ve struggled with numerous classes in the past,” she said. “But I guess what allowed me to be successful, ultimately, in those classes, at the end, is my persistence and tenacity.”

Since her passion lies in the realm of science, Augusta has chosen to pursue a science-based discipline throughout her time at Harvard, an institution that currently ranks 2nd in the QS World University Rankings.

Augusta’s excellence in science was recognised when she was chosen as a finalist for an Intel competition, after her research project into cement that can prevent underwater oil rigs from bursting was deemed outstanding by industry professionals.

Kevin Dougherty, Principal of Elmont school, said that hardworking students and families, as well as the school’s supportive administrative staff and its inclusive community, all deserve credit for Elmont’s most recent student achievements.

Dougherty claims these people put their “blood, sweat and tears into making sure Elmont is successful and these kids reach their fullest potential.”

Augusta represents the second Elmont student in as many years to accomplish the Ivy League sweep. Last year, Harold Ekeh chose Yale from among 13 universities to which he was accepted.

Although still a rarity, acceptance at every Ivy League school appears to be a growing phenomenon. Because the universities all operate independently on their admissions, reliable statistics aren’t available on how many students are accepted to all eight.

Additional reporting by Associated Press.

Image via News 12 Long Island.

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