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The IELTS can be pretty intimidating so make sure you're ready. Source:

Taking an English language exam can be pretty daunting – even if you are confident in your language abilities – so scrubbing up on your knowledge is crucial.

And if you are hoping to study in the UK, US, Australia or a handful of other English-speaking countries, and do not come from one yourself, you will almost definitely be required to take one.

To help out would-be international students along the way, the British Council recently launched an app and an online course for perfecting your language skills before the big test. And the best news? They’re both free!

The tools prepare students for the most common and globally-recognized English language testing and assessment platform, IELTS. Taken by more than 3 million students globally last year alone, the IELTS is accepted by thousands of universities as well as employers, immigration authorities and other professional bodies.

The learning tools prepare you for all sections of the test: reading, writing, speaking and listening. In a statement issued by the British Council, the IELTS Prep App revealed it provides a guide to the test as well as mock tests, modules on vocabulary and grammar, and even special test tips.

There are also exercises to complete and videos of IELTS speaking interviews to really give you an idea of what to expect. Students gain an all-round understanding of every stage of the test through the portals and are even offered the opportunity to have their written and spoken English assessed by co-learners.

The app’s director Michael King said: “We have launched the app with an aim to provide an authentic source that is handy, easily accessible through mobile handsets and able to deliver high-quality content.”

The app is available on Android and Apple products.

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