5 countries for easy postgraduate work permits

5 countries for easy postgraduate work permits
Hong Kong is a bustling island where East meets West. Source: Shutterstock

If you enjoy studying abroad and would like to extend that experience, you should start planning to navigate the world of postgraduate work permit if you want to work abroad.

Nowadays, working in a foreign country has become fashionable, though working abroad may not be for everyone. Taking the decision to work away from your homeland is a wonderful way to earn money and travel. It also gives you a life-changing experience beyond the tourist sites to get a taste of what it is like to be a local.

Here are a few options:


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Switzerland is a popular destination and something of an expat paradise for many. The country offers exciting employment packages and a high standard of living. The land is rich with picturesque landscapes everywhere you look, so it’s great for those who enjoy the outdoors.

The chocolate haven in its central European location, with many scenic lakes, mountains and winter sports in the Alps as well as a good healthcare system is indeed, a dream destination.

The Swiss are no strangers to the English language, so you can communicate with others easily. If you’re a foreigner looking to find work in Switzerland, you may consider industries that are lacking in manpower such as IT, biotech and finance.


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Singapore is one of the world’s economic powerhouse and a leading global financial centre. Known as one of the cities with the most number of US millionaires, the country is running big on business and it is not slowing down in the foreseeable future.

Foreigners in Singapore can benefit from great career opportunities, low tax rates, cheap and reliable public transport, and generous financial packages. You’ll find Western ideas and influences are much welcomed by the people, and English is widely spoken.

If Singapore is right up your alley, industries such as finance, insurance, biomedicine, technology, tourism and engineering are looking for people to join their workforce. Plus, the location is poised for easy travels around Southeast Asia.


There are a lot of very important things you need to see down under. | 23 Reasons You Should Take A Year Off And Head To Australia

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Expats enjoy living Down Under because it offers a great quality of life, a nice climate, beautiful sandy beaches and a wealth of entertainment. Known for its high-paying jobs and shorter working hours, it is no wonder foreigners are easily attracted to it. That said, Australia makes it relatively simple for foreign talent to contribute skills and knowledge to its medical, mining, construction, engineering, IT and finance communities. The alternative route to qualify for a postgraduate work permit is to take advantage of its attractive apprenticeships. Head Down Under if you are looking for a laidback and active outdoors lifestyle.


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With nearly 300,000 new foreign workers planting their feet in the vast soil of Canada every year, North America is currently the number one destination for foreign talents. Its quality of life ranks among the highest in the world; national healthcare system, well-paying jobs and friendly folks are few of the reasons expats choose to call Canada home.

If you speak English and French, you are in for a treat because many companies are in businesses that require bilinguals. If you’re looking to start a new chapter in life, companies in the oil, fishing, and financial industries are crying to fill their skill shortages.

Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is a great place for those who are on a lookout for career advancement and high incomes. Foreign workers can benefit from the advanced healthcare system and considerable employment opportunities of this bustling island, where East meets West.

Positioned in Asia as home to the largest concentration of corporate headquarters, it is fairly easy to find work, especially in the banking and finance sectors. Though the cost of living can be high, you may have a discussion with your employer to negotiate a housing allowance. Pack your bags to Hong Kong if you’re looking for a fast-paced environment and an active social scene.

If you’re craving for a change of scenery, there are many countries waiting for your arrival and contribution. Alternatively, if you’re looking to take a gap year before you decide to dive into the working world, you may roam about via working holiday visas available in several countries.

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