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Tucked away in Newcastle upon Tyne is a contemporary college that offers students affordable study adventures. It’s an acclaimed academic hub and the first further education institution in the UK to develop and award Honour’s and Master’s degrees, for which they have received the right to use the Taught Degree Awarding Powers (TDAP). Additionally, Newcastle College (NCL) has successfully received the prestigious Queen’s award for Further and Higher Education, earned for its outstanding commitment to vocational training via the Transport Academy.

What’s vital to know about this college is the way it consistently places student needs first. Newcastle College urges you to be your best and understands how difficult it can be, financially and socially, to transition from learner to graduate. So, if you aim to prepare for higher education with an introductory course or wish to dive straight into a degree, there are plenty of pathways for you to pursue here, at NCL.

Network in Newcastle

A huge advantage of studying at Newcastle College is the astounding industry links students can access, with company partners scattered across the country and overseas. Linked to exclusive employers such as Virgin Media, Topshop and Responsive Engineering, the college strengthens student employability rates with a strategic head-start.

Typically, after your degree, the main focus will be on recruitment. When it comes to connecting you to employer’s expectations, NCL College is consistent. During your Foundation or Honour’s degree, you’ll have the chance to put your knowledge into play. A free recruitment service is on-hand to get you into your dream graduate placement, which could then lead to a permanent role or catch the eye of a potential employer. If you can display evidence of industry involvement during your degree, it demonstrates your determination to learn and your professional reliability.

To stay relevant in the digital age, Newcastle College has created a Digital Graduate Academy (DGA).  This fast-growing initiative has been designed with the needs of degree-level graduates in mind. Made up of four distinct ‘bootcamps’, participants get to choose which area they’d prefer to study and don’t require specialist knowledge of the topic. It’s open to graduates of every discipline, helping them find work in the fast-paced digital-tech sector.

As Newcastle College prioritises student welfare, affordability is at the core of the curriculum. As such, this eight-week programme is free with an Advanced Learner Loan and you won’t have to pay a single penny back until you’re earning over a certain amount each year. Many who have completed the course and collected their qualification view the DGA bootcamps as a worthwhile investment.

Cost-effective courses

At NCL College, you can obtain a high-quality degree for a fraction of the price. Unlike many universities who see their students as another number in the system, this college believes in a tight-knit community made up of like-minded learners. Regardless of background or age, Newcastle College has a programme to suit everyone. There are free bespoke courses in place, for example, specifically-designed for 16-25 year olds with moderate learning difficulties and informative school leaver schemes.

At this academic institution, you’ll be able to select from an extensive range of degrees. From part-time qualifications to foundation frameworks; NCL covers a substantial catalogue of academic opportunities. But what really sets the college apart is that it offers courses without any hidden fees. After all, why pay ultra-expensive prices when you can get an identical standard of teaching and facilities at a lower cost?

NCL goes the extra mile, also providing first-class guidance and advice for students with their Higher Education Support Team (HEST). Dedicated to delivering inclusive and innovative learning environments, the team takes on board every comment they receive and ensures high levels of student satisfaction. The college helps you out with any enquiries you may have, including how to get to free or discounted travel around this thriving city.

Learning for life

As you can see, Newcastle College connects you to worthwhile companies and helps you to achieve lifelong goals. Yet, staff here also incorporate real-working environments into every lesson. There’s an organic vegetable delivery scheme in place for students to gain first-hand experience of face-to-face customer interaction, while also adapting to the complexities of buying and selling. Or, if they feel like perfecting their horticulture skills, students can help maintain college allotments and general college grounds.

Combined with the employment enhancement facilities, NCL College lecturers support students’ confidence so they leave ready to take on the challenges of life. As International Baccalaureate student, Stefani Tatarchuk, states, “I chose Newcastle College, because it offers high-quality education, especially in the IB programme. I really enjoy my course. All my teachers are very nice, skilled professionals, who are always happy to help. I struggle with English essays and my teacher found me a tutor who is helping me with structures and improving my writing skills.”

No matter where you’re from or which route you’d like to take, the team at Newcastle College are on-hand to help you select the most suitable scheme. By combining remarkable networking opportunities, programmes and lifelong learning experience, NCL College is ready to guide you towards success. 

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