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Mount St Mary’s College: Where aspiring footballers can kickstart their passions

Sheer determination, good training and years of practice can mould children into champions, given the right opportunities. While focusing on athletics can make for a lucrative career, a good education is never to be substituted with just sports. Rather, a balanced combination of both increases potential and helps shape students into fine, motivated individuals.

A winning example of an institution that combines a result-driven curriculum with great sports offerings is Mount St Mary’s College. Fondly known as The Mount, its history dates back to the 16th century and today, is a coeducational, flourishing school that accepts students from the ages of three to 18.

The Mount is set in a convenient yet blissfully rural location in Derbyshire, UK. Its expansive land makes it the perfect space for many sports facilities. This includes tracks, cricket wickets, rugby and football pitches, and more. Whether it is on a running track or a basketball court, the spirit of teamwork and competition is fostered to help students achieve their highest potential.

This is why it made perfect sense for The Mount to partner with Paris Saint-Germain Academy England. Open to both girls and boys between the ages of eight to 17, this is yet another addition to The Mount’s extensive curriculum. Only eight centres in the country offer this academy and The Mount is the only training centre in its region.

Source: Mount St Mary's College

Coaches train students on an individual basis to harness talent and skills. Each student gets keen mentorship, a full kit, nutritional advice, and more. Source: Mount St Mary’s College

The PSG Academy Programme is set to launch in September. The school is now accepting registrations and running a series of taster sessions throughout the school year. These tryouts let the aspiring footballer taste and decide if the programme — led by none other than PSG-trained, UEFA Pro Level B coaches — is for them.

If students decide to join, they’re in for a suite of perks. This includes five hours of football coaching sessions (player development) and two hours of strength and conditioning per week. Individual mentoring by trained PSG Academy UK coaches ensure students can progress and master their techniques. Whether they are running drills or learning about the game, students will work in small groups and under the keen eye of coaches.

The guidance of coaches extends beyond the techniques and philosophy of the Ligue 1 football club. They also discuss the importance of nutrition, fitness and conditioning to emphasise the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle on and off the training ground.

Source: Mount St Mary's College

Equal importance is given to each subject within the curriculum to enhance learning at The Mount. Source: Mount St Mary’s College

For a full academic year, the programme costs just 6,000 pounds. This comes up to approximately 24 pounds per hour of football coaching from UEFA Pro Level B coaches. At the end of the programme, students receive a full report from the Head Coach and the opportunity to go to the PSG Academy World Cup in May 2024 where students can meet some of the players.

For those who don’t want to commit to an entire year of programme, they can join several holiday football camps throughout the year, which will be open to all children aged eight to 17.

Participants are set to play the world’s game at a level they never thought possible. But that’s not all. As a student of The Mount, they are also young hearts and minds going forth and setting the world on fire. This starts with academic excellence — the very kind realised by a British education.

At Sixth Form, students take three, possibly four, A Level subjects. They can choose from a wide range of subjects, including Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, English Literature, Geography and more. CTEC is offered as well and subjects include Digital Media, Sport and Physical Activity, and Business.

To enhance one’s UCAS application further, there is an opportunity to gain an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), which is an AQA qualification whereby students choose an area of interest and complete either a research-based written report, production (e.g. charity event, fashion show or sports event etc) or an artefact (e.g. piece of art, a computer game or realised design).

The curriculum here has high standards — with results to show for it. The Mount boasts a 99% pass rate for A Level students and a 100% pass rate for CTEC students.

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