Image courtesy of Montclair State University
Image courtesy of Montclair State University

“International students add a resonant voice and a rich cultural understanding to the MSU experience.” – Robert S. Friedman, Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Montclair State University (MSU)

With so many institutions offering notable degrees that are recognised all over the world, it can be hard to decide on a global study destination that best suits your needs.

When making that decision to study overseas, it’s imperative that apart from factors like program structure, student support and available facilities, you also consider this important aspect: location. If you’re going to commit to spending the next few years of your life living, laughing and learning in one small portion of the world, it better be a portion you’re guaranteed to love!

Set on a striking 250-acre campus in the Northeastern state of New Jersey – characterized by high-tech banking buildings, vibrant pastures and 127 miles of breath-taking beachside landscape – the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Montclair State University has everything you need; from first-class academics to dedicated support, and of course, an unforgettable global learning journey.

“International students add a resonant voice and rich cultural understanding to the MSU experience,” says Robert S. Friedman, Dean of the College. “Through decades’ old cooperative agreements, international students shrink the globe by contributing their experiences at home to the cultural life of American students and Faculty,” he explains.

Image courtesy of Montclair State University

Image courtesy of Montclair State University

In fact, globalization is now so integral to MSU that its strategic plan has specifically been developed to acknowledge non-native students as one side of the MSU coin. Not only does this priority demonstrate MSU’s dedication to creating a vibrant study environment, it also highlights its commitment to making every student venture as unique and as memorable as can be.

“MSU’s diverse international environment is nurtured in three robust ways,” Dean Friedman adds. “First, through language instruction.”

Friedman points out that MSU undergraduates are given the chance to pursue a major in modern languages, covering everything from Arabic, to French, German, Italian, Spanish, or even a full degree in Latin for those with a flair for Classics.

But the perks don’t stop there, since students can also add a minor in languages like Chinese, Greek, Portuguese or Russian, while at the graduate level, MA programs in French and Spanish hone into more specialized areas like translation and interpreting.

Through varied, contemporary and universally-relevant programs such as these, MSU ensures students receive a culminating and inherently international experience, learning skills that will serve them incredibly well when it comes to securing an internship or full-time work position.

Image courtesy of Montclair State University

Image courtesy of Montclair State University

“Secondly,” Friedman continues, “the Global Education Center oversees a rich variety of programs geared to providing rich international experiences. These include short-term summer programs for international students, study abroad forums and conferences that feature visiting scholars from all over the world, and the Fulbright Scholarship Program,” he says, referencing the innovative scheme that offers funding for MSU students, teachers and professionals looking to pursue graduate or research study, or otherwise hoping to teach what they’ve learned in Schools to inspire future generations.

“Third,” adds the dean, “MSU has an extensive array of international experiences on every continent of the globe. Faculty across the campus maintain working relationships with consulates from many nations that have offices in New York, which result in speakers, business leaders and artists visiting our campus to interact with students.”

…And we’ve barely even touched on MSU’s extraordinary location in New Jersey, USA.

“First and foremost,” says Friedman, “our proximity to New York City opens a world of top-ranked cultural, artistic and entertainment venues to MSU, and it’s easy to travel to and from campus – with two train stations on-campus and frequent bus service,” he explains. “New Jersey is replete with sports and entertainment opportunities, with professional sports teams; hiking, boating and skiing, and other world-class universities; and with its international population, there’s always more to explore.”

Image courtesy of Montclair State University

Image courtesy of Montclair State University

But the path through MSU is different for all who choose to take it; it is flexible and personalized, which means every international learning journey is unique, with long-term life benefits. Non-native students are not only valued, but absolutely instrumental to the overall experience, and that’s something undoubtedly worth your time and money, and that of course, you won’t forget.

For prospective international students thinking of enrolling at MSU, Dean Friedman says just this: “Submit your application as soon as you’ve decided to join us so that, if accepted, you can arrange the living accommodations that meet your needs, speak with an academic advisor and organize your course of study, and prepare to have the time of your life in the middle of the most vibrant environment the US has to offer.”

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