Monash University: An elite advantage for global graduates
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“I’d recommend coming to Monash anytime. The campus facilities are really great, everything is well-structured and the academic level is good. And the best part – Monash is located in incredibly cool Melbourne!” – Anders Budde, Monash international student, originally from Denmark

Spurred by a desire to make a real difference, the student and graduate journey informs every facet of the Monash University experience. With four state-of-the-art campuses throughout Victoria, as well as a campus in Malaysia and teaching locations in Italy, India and China, the Monash brand is one that has forward-facing impact on both a local and international scale.

Ranked 74th in the world by the prestigious Times Higher Education World University Rankings for 2016-17, landing it among the top one percent of higher education providers worldwide, Monash boasts an enviable reputation for academic prestige. On top of this, the Academic Ranking of World Universities 2016 names Monash as the 79th best in the world, Each of these rankings, and so many more, stands as a feather in the cap of Monash University – a relatively young institution that continues to defy conventions with its outlook of progression and positivity.

With its 10 leading Faculties, including: Art, Design and Architecture; the Arts; Business and Economics; Education; Engineering; Information Technology; Law; Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences; Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences; and Science, Monash is training the leaders, creators, thinkers and innovators who make constructive change in virtually every field. For prospective students looking to pursue a degree based in the humanities, performing arts, languages, or the social sciences, Arts at Monash represents an ideal route, with its cutting-edge research, community engagement, and career-centred courses taking students where they need to be.

“At Monash Arts, we are committed to providing you not just with an excellent academic education, but also with an enjoyable educational experience that combines intellectual stimulation with social interaction and engagement with the wider world,” says Rae Frances, Dean of Monash Arts.

“Our large and diverse Faculty…encourages the development of cutting-edge studies that operate at the intersection of traditional academic disciplines,” she adds. “You will find that our courses are rigorous and stimulating, preparing you for further study or for a career in the global economy.”

Also included under the Monash Arts umbrella is the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences (GSHSS). Here, students gain the knowledge, skills and experience needed to boost their global careers. Through invaluable industry insights and engagements, plus internships, research options and international field schools, Monash inspires GSHSS students to reach the top of their game.

The Master of International Development Practice (MIDP) at Monash focuses on understanding and tackling the political, economic, cultural and ecological issues that can lead to extreme poverty, poor health, fragile governance, inequality and environmental vulnerability.  This is the perfect course for those who want to address the multidimensional challenges of our globalised world and make a real difference throughout their careers.

Students of the MIDP at Monash often find that outcomes of the course surpass their expectations. Duong Do, for example, former student of the program, was able to participate in a range of disciplines, where he became increasingly fascinated by detailed research movements, opting to complete a ‘Minor Thesis’ which led him to a fieldwork placement in Vietnam. He also worked alongside an experienced mentor through the program’s association with Colab M, which helped him decide where best to focus his energies. On top of this, the course gave him the opportunity to apply ‘big picture’ thinking to challenges in development, human rights and regional politics. “The MIDP made me feel like I’m actually doing something that can fix these gaps in social development policy, the program brings the macro and micro together,” he says.

Participants of this course can choose to focus their electives in either Democracy, Justice and Governance; Gender, Conflict and Security; Crisis, Change and Management; or Sustainable Resource Management, relative to their chosen career. As a predominantly career-focused course, the MIDP at Monash builds on the foundations of human rights advocacy, aid agencies in government and non-government sectors, non-government organisations, the Fair Trade business sector, community organisations, and powerful global institutions like the UN and World Bank, ensuring graduate success in each one of these fast-moving fields.

“We understand how valuable it is to work in the field and apply the skills and knowledge acquired during the program,” notes the MIDP brochure. “That is why we’ve included fieldwork and internship opportunities in countries such as South Africa, Vietnam, Indonesia and Fiji.

“Our strong partnerships with organisations such as Colab M, International Red Cross and World Vision ensures students will be exposed to the very latest development in the field while learning from academic staff who are at the forefront of their industry,” the brochure explains.

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On top of these benefits, the University’s extensive global network provides students with many opportunities to pursue part of their studies overseas; the South Africa Student Placement Program, for example, allows student to gain first-hand experience in community development via regional placements with partner organisations. Other regions available for an unforgettable exchange experience include Malaysia, Italy, India and China.

As one of the most revered institutions on the education stage, Monash will advance your career on several fronts; if your aspiration requires a particular qualification in order to succeed, rest assured that Monash will build this into your course. If you know your preferred graduate career tends to recruit candidates with a particular catalogue of expertise, your course will instil these valuable skills, on top of the analytical, communication and research techniques that employers actively seek.

Above all, it’s not just the University’s resounding reputation, world-class academics or abundance of business connections that shoot graduates straight to the top – it is really how impressively adept Monash is at consistently producing graduates with not only the competence, but also the confidence needed to thrive in an increasingly complex world.

“We welcome international and study abroad students from many nations; international and Australian students mix in our classes, sharing experiences, understandings and knowledge, and forging friendships,” Dean Rae Frances concludes.

“Ours is a vibrant community where differences are celebrated and our students are encouraged to become humane, tolerant and active citizens.”

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