Modern housing for the 21st century student
A modern twist on student housing. Source: Garin Chadwick/Unsplash

Student dorm rooms or student housing typically evoke images of cramped living quarters. 

Depending on where you live, it’s not just the age of the building or furniture that will make your stomach lurch – other things, such as the lingering smell you just can’t seem to get rid of or peeling paint on the wall, will make you miss the comforts of home more than ever. 

While improving the decor and bringing some comforts from home can help make your new shoebox-sized accommodation more homely, chances are, it’s nothing compared to some of the modern student digs that have been popping up on and off campus worldwide.  

If you’re wondering what you’re missing, here are some examples of modern student accommodation from around the world:

The Tietgen Residence Hall (Denmark)

This residence hall is located in the Ørestad district. What’s cool about this building is its unique architecture – circular in structure – that houses a range of amenities, such as large rooms, kitchens, common rooms and other facilities.

“The smallest rooms are 26 square [metres] and all rooms have a large window section that you can slide open giving you access to either a French window or a proper balcony,” notes its website.

It boasts 30 spacious kitchens that are equipped with tableware, kitchen utensils, fridges and cookers. Residents also have individual lockers to keep their foodstuffs. Monthly rent can start from £381 (US$482).

Cité a Docks (France)

Cité a Docks in Le Havre is far from your traditional student housing. Made from shipping containers, this creative student block houses 100 dorm rooms (24 square metres each) in a four-storey building. 

What stands out about Cité a Docks is that it doesn’t actually look like student housing; shipping containers are eco-friendly and gives it an industrial look, while each room has a large glass wall, which means plenty of natural light. 

Simmons Hall (US)

Simmons Hall, which has won awards for its architectural features, is an MIT dormitory that opened in 2002. 

The porous building has 10 floors and hosts a range of amenities, from laundry rooms to a ball pit and student lounges – which are equipped with amenities such as LCD TVs and PS3s. There are also five dining halls opened daily for breakfast and dinner, as well as a gym.

Residencia Universitaria Galdós (Spain)

Students studying in Madrid who have the cash to splash out on a comfortable co-ed abode within walking distance of public transportation may want to opt for Residencia Universitaria Galdós. Prices start from a whopping €1,170, depending on your room. 

The building is equipped with modern double and single rooms, and also has a gym and outdoor common areas where students can study and enjoy their free time. “Here we offer you a full service student accommodation that includes: full board catering, cleaning, bed linen and towels, laundry, high speed Internet and Wifi, etc,” the website states.

They admit students from all universities and educational institutions.

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