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Minnesota State University Moorhead: Four topical degree programmes producing in-demand graduates

When degree programmes fall in line with the future of work, graduates are guaranteed a path to success — this is a fact Minnesota State University Moorhead (MSUM) knows best. At its beautiful campus in Moorhead, Minnesota, students from 45 countries arrive with curiosity and leave with competencies and confidence that get them jobs.

They have their alma mater to thank for always having an eye on the future. These programmes meet workforce needs and develop professionals who stand out in competitive job markets.

Each is analytical yet creative in their problem-solving, encompassing real-world application and experiential learning to prepare students for the booming fields of today and tomorrow. Among MSUM’s expansive line-up of future-focused offerings, these four career areas are experiencing unprecedented job growth through 2030.

Mathematics: Actuarial Science

The Mathematics: Actuarial Science degree was developed to produce actuaries capable of utilising the best business practices to assess and minimise risk for businesses and clients. Since the field is broad — requiring knowledge of probability, statistics, finance and economics — the programme boasts a combined curriculum of all the above and more, including traditional mathematics.

It even prepares students for five professional examinations through specialised courses. Upon completion, they follow in the footsteps of nearly all MSUM actuary graduates who consistently pass at rates higher than the national average.

Mastering all areas leads to employment in the financial services sector, including insurance companies, commercial banks, and investment banks. According to the US Bureau of Labour and Statistics (BLS), employment of actuaries is projected to grow 24% through 2030.

The university ensures that learning extends beyond the classroom to prepare students for these roles. All students are encouraged to gain experience through student organisations like the Actuarial Science Club, Math Club or the STEM learning community; network with successful alumni; attend conferences and fairs; participate in competitions; and participate in an internship.


Students interested in protecting businesses and organisations from cyberattacks will find MSUM’s new BS in Cybersecurity degree very appealing. This programme provides the knowledge and skills needed to evaluate a system’s security needs. It also covers the process of designing and developing secure systems. Of course, soft skills never take a backseat — students will also hone their communication and problem-solving skills through hands-on courses and real-world experiences.

Thankfully, internship opportunities are plentiful in the Fargo-Moorhead area. Students bring their knowledge to life at esteemed organisations like Microsoft and emerging start-ups like Myriad Mobile or Clifton Labs.

Classrooms are just as experiential. MSUM’s Computer Science Department is home to state-of-the-art computer facilities with advanced technology tools to facilitate a real-world learning environment. Students have immediate access to a Windows-based lab with 32 computers, a Linux lab with 21 workstations, and an advanced technologies research facility.

Upon successfully completing the programme, students are qualified to fill a skills gap that is only growing — the BLS projects employment of information security analysts to grow 33% through 2030.

Minnesota State University Moorhead

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Global Supply Chain Management

With over six million global supply chain management jobs available and the recent media attention on the world’s supply chain, there’s never been a better time to consider a Global Supply Chain Management degree from MSUM. This AACSB-accredited programme is uniquely multidisciplinary, incorporating operations, project management and business classes into a global supply chain focus.

Each class is delivered by an impressive group of approachable, experienced experts from both industry and academia. Together, they deliver an upper-level core curriculum that includes project-based learning and case study analyses. Additionally, students learn to fuse theory and application, applying professional knowledge and honing the skills the employers seek.

The best part? The programme is flexible — offered online, on campus, or hybrid. This means students can complete it any way they like, at any pace, and from anywhere in the world. Plus, average starting salaries are around US$60,000.

Business Analytics

The AACSB-accredited Business Analytics degree is designed to produce professionals for the fast-growing field of guiding businesses and organisations in making sound, profitable decisions. The average starting salary for a business analyst is about US$62,000.

The interdisciplinary programme focuses on applying big data to high-level decision-making. It comprises foundational courses in business, computer science and mathematics, coupled with requirements in economics and communications. Students can also personalise their education by choosing electives in health informatics, geosciences or marketing.

Of course, choosing this route means gaining familiarity with industry-standard platforms such as Python and R. To complement technical prowess, Executive Mentorship — a one-credit course — is offered each semester for juniors and seniors. The opportunity matches students with community executives to provide support in exploring career choices, leveraging networking opportunities, and transitioning to professional work.

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