Middlebridge School: Where students become, belong and succeed
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Middlebridge School: Where students become, belong and succeed

Thriving high school senior Ruth E. once dreaded school days and contemplated the idea of giving up — that was until she found her way to Southern Rhode Island’s Middlebridge School. Its welcoming atmosphere and passionate teachers helped her realise her academic journey was far from over. 

“You can tell that everyone here absolutely loves to teach and help,” she says. “They take the time to get to really know you and build a relationship with you that feels genuinely authentic and not forced. For the first time, I’m actually excited to go to school and see them!”

Connections like these ensure a transformative experience for students between the ages of 13 and 18 and postgraduates in need of a little something extra. In fact, Middlebridge is reserved for the unique, warmly welcoming learners with language-based learning differences such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, or written expression, attentional diagnoses such as ADD/ADHD, Executive Dysfunction, and/or challenges with processing speed or working memory. 

Its nearly 1:1 faculty-to-student ratio promotes academic, social and emotional growth and fosters a life-long love of learning. Indeed, Middlebridge is a sanctuary where students “Belong and Become,” paving the way for their successful journey into higher education.

At the heart of this commitment is a bespoke college preparatory process for a range of institutions, from Tier 1 Schools to Big 10 State Schools to colleges and universities with specialty programs renowned for academic support. The process is guided by two full-time directors, ensuring families receive a meticulous walkthrough of the entire application journey.

However, Middlebridge is more than just a stepping stone to college; it’s a place where students discover their identity and build the foundation for future success. Here, learners can take college classes for credit and immerse themselves in a collegiate environment. The school provides comprehensive support for college essay writing, too, and various work experience opportunities. 

“We loved that our son could take college classes his senior year to give him a taste of the kind of preparation he’d need next year,” says a parent. “I only wish we had found MBS sooner!” 

Through the Lighthouse Internship programme, students undergo internships, job-shadowing and fieldwork to learn more about the careers available to them while gaining new talents and enhancing their communication skills. They even foster a sense of citizenship through community service programming.

Hazard Castle is a neo-gothic landmark built in the 1800s and now home to Middlebridge School. Source: Middlebridge School

The core Middlebridge academic programme also works in conjunction to evolve students into individuals ready to navigate the college or postsecondary setting of their choosing. Its small class sizes, daily tutorials, and emphasis on metacognition create an environment where all students can thrive. Approved by the Rhode Island Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), the school’s signature curriculum consists of instruction in English, Mathematics, Science, History, Art and Technology, and Physical  Education and Wellness.  

The progressive Emotional Intelligence course takes college preparation to a whole new level. These daily lessons enable students to focus on their potential for emotional development, understanding of psychology, mindfulness, growth mindset, and resilience. The combination cultivates metacognition — the ability to “think about thinking.” Each lesson employs dynamic methods tailored to individual goals, including real-time feedback, role-playing, improvisational theatre, mindfulness, meditation, and reflexive exercises. 

“The groundbreaking emotional intelligence curriculum combined with the personal support of the residential staff was the cornerstone of my daughter’s success,” shares a parent. “We loved it for her, but more importantly, she loved it.”

Life outside the classroom is just as enjoyable. Middlebridge offers over 250 enrichment electives, catering to student interests and suggestions. Those interested in sports can participate in basketball, volleyball, soccer, golf, tennis, baseball, e-sports, and/or surfing. 

All activities are hosted on its 38-acre campus, which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. There is a new gymnasium, a fitness centre, an art building, a soccer field, an agricultural programme, and gardens that feed staff and students. It even features a recording studio for student use, off-campus senior/postgraduate houses, a postgraduate centre house, and a science building.

With all this in mind, it’s easy to understand why Middlebridge graduates succeed in diverse fields. For example, Nicole G. from the Class of ’19, earned her BA in English, focusing on a thesis titled “Jane Austen (Taylor’s version): A comparative study of the success and legacy of Jane Austen and Taylor Swift in the face of gender bias.” She is currently working at a law firm. 

Others have pursued various paths, including psychology, education, and DJing. Notably, Max C, a graduate, has become a news anchor, making appearances at prestigious events such as the Met Gala, the Today Show and Peloton studios.

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