Merchiston is a HMC boarding and day school for boys aged 7-18. Based in 100 acres of beautiful parkland, Merchiston is a Scottish school offering the English curriculum, and has a global, outward-looking dimension. It takes pride in specialising in the education of boys and preparing them for success in the world, just as it has done for the past 180 years. Their mantra is “Boys First” because, in everything they do, they ask themselves the question, “What is best for the boys?”

Merchiston is a school of contrasts; located just five minutes from a quaint little village in a beautiful green setting, but with views towards and easy access into the vibrant city of Edinburgh. Nearly everything the boys could imagine in terms of extra-curricular activity is already right there on campus, but the school is only a short drive from the nearest beach, ski slope, sailing school and golf course. Merchiston congratulates its graduates on their first class academic performance, but what is also highly notable, is that girls from their sister schools say that ‘Merchi’ boys make the best Scottish country dance partners!

At Merchiston, the team of highly-qualified professionals are dedicated to encouraging the ambitions, aspirations and sensitivity of their students so that they may grow into successful, empathic young Gentlemen. A balanced curriculum, excellent pastoral care and a high A level pass rate makes Merchiston one of the UK’s leading independent schools. Its ethos is concerned with people and relationships, and particular importance is attached to the development of personal character and moral values of its pupils. The atmosphere, although in some respects formal, is also one of pleasant and relaxed collaboration between pupils and staff. Modern life at Merchiston is busy and exacting, and they seek to maintain the delicate balance of priorities within and outside of the classroom.